Asking questions correctly have the right to sometimes it is in confusing in English. You might wonder if friend are placing the native in the correct order. This particular day I talk around two species of questions, yes/no and also wh. I also talk around both the these types of questions with the verb ” to be” and with all various other verbs. I talk about asking questions in the an easy present, current progressive, simple past, and future tenses. In ~ the finish there will be a download to provide you additional practice in questioning questions.

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Questions with the verb “to be.”

When asking questions, the be verb functions a tiny bit in different ways than all various other verbs in English. The is possibly the most necessary verb in English.

Yes/no questions with be verb.

1. To form a question, you very first need to know how to kind a statement. Indigenous order for statements using be is normally subject + verb

I to be a student.

He is a student.

They room students.

Word order for questioning yes/no concerns is merely a reversal the a statement, verb + subject. This works for either simple present or simple past.

Are girlfriend a student? Yes, i am. No, I’m not.

Is he a student? Yes, the is. No he’s not.

Were they students? Yes, lock were. No, they weren’t.

2. In the the present progressive, you likewise need to know how to make a statement. The word order is a statement is subject + am/are/is + ing type of the verb.

He is cooking dinner best now.

The indigenous order because that asking questions in the present progressive is likewise the turning back of a statement:  am/are/is + subject + ing form the the verb.

Is he cooking dinner appropriate now?  Yes, that is. No, he isn’t.

3. In the future tense we deserve to make statements and also ask inquiries with the word “will.” for a statement, the exactly word stimulate is subject + will certainly + base type of the verb (be).

She will be in Mexico tomorrow.

For questions, words order is the turning back of a statement, will + subject + base kind of the verb (be).

Will she it is in in Mexico tomorrow? Yes, she will. No she won’t.

Wh questions with be verb

When we ask wh questions, we usually think of six words: who (for a person), what (for a thing), when (for a time), where (for a place), why (for a reason) and also how (for a method). To ask wh concerns with be verb, we use the yes/no word order. Then us simply ar the wh word in ~ the beginning, so the is the an initial word in the sentence. This functions with any tense.

Is he a student?

Where is the a student? At the college of Colorado.

Were they students?

When were they students? Three years ago.

Is she cooking?

What is she cooking? Spaghetti and meatballs.

Will she be in Mexico?

Why will she it is in in Mexico? Because she requirements a vacation.

Questions v all various other verbs.

Asking concerns with all various other English verbs requires a slightly various structure.

Yes/no questions with all other verbs.

To form questions through all other verbs, you very first need to understand the word order the statements. Choose be verb, it is subject + verb.

We work-related in a hospital.

He drives and also old car.

I ate in a restaurant yesterday.

I obtain to work-related by bus.

To form yes/no questions, we should verb “to do.” Simply placed the correct form of do in front of the statement. This uses to both basic present and basic past tenses.Here is the correct word order because that questions: do/does/did + topic + base form of the verb.

Do you work in a hospital? Yes, us do. No, us don’t.

Does he journey an old car? Yes, he does. No, the doesn’t.

Did you eat in a restaurant yesterday? Yes, i did. No, i didn’t.

Do you obtain to occupational by bus?  Yes, i do. No, ns don’t.

2. For questioning yes/no questions in the current progressive tense, first, think of words order for statements: topic + am/are/is + ing native of the verb.

Roberto is driving come California.

To type yes/no questions, us reverse the word order native statements: am/are/is + subject + ing type of the verb.

Is Roberto driving to California? Yes, the is. No, he isn’t.

3. Come ask yes/no questions later tense, we deserve to use “will.” here is the word order because that statements: subject + will+ base type of the verb.

My sister will certainly graduate in May.

To form a question, merely reverse the word order form the statement: will + subject + base form of the verb.

Will your sister graduate in May?  Yes, she will. No, she won’t.

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Wh questions with all other verbs

If you can ask yes/no questions, then questioning wh questions is easy. Prefer asking inquiries with the be verb, for all other verbs, we merely use the yes/no structure and also place the wh indigenous in front so the is the very first word of the sentence. This works for every tenses.

The native order because that wh inquiries in the simple present and straightforward past is as follows: wh + do/ does/did + topic + base form that the verb. Listed below is the yes/no structure and also the wh structure. Girlfriend will watch that they are really similar.

Does he work-related in a hospital?

Where does he work? In a hospital.

Do they work on Mondays?

When carry out they work?  Every day other than Monday.

Did you call your family last week?

Who walk you contact last week?  mine sister, but not mine brother.

Do you obtain to work-related by train?

How execute you acquire to work? By bus.

2. In the existing progressive, we also use the yes/no structure and place the wh indigenous first. Below is words order: wh + am/are/is + topic + ing kind of the verb

Is the driving come Colorado Springs?

Where is he driving? To Colorado Springs.

3. To ask questions later on tense, again usage the yes/no structure and also place the wh word in front. Here is the exactly word order: wh + will certainly + base type of the verb.

Will you buy a scarf for your mom for she birthday?

What will you to buy your mother for her birthday? A sweater. She already has a many scarves.

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 It is basic to ask concerns in English. You have learned the rules for questioning yes/no and wh concerns with the verb “to be,” and with all various other verbs. You recognize that if girlfriend can kind a statement, come ask a question just reverse the subject and also verb or we usage “to do” or “will.” You likewise know that the yes/no kind is the basic type you should ask a questions. To ask a wh question, simply ar the wh native in front of the yes/no structure. Yes/no questions start with the indigenous am/is/are or will (for be verb straightforward present, current progressive, and straightforward future), and do/does/did or will for all other verbs. Wh questions begin with the indigenous who, what, when, where, why, or how. The download will offer you additional practice creating both yes/no and wh inquiries with be and also all other verbs.

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