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QuestionWhich facet is oxidized and also which is decreased in the adhering to reactions?a) N2(g)+3H2(g)?2NH3(g)Express her answers together chemical signs separated by a comma. Get in the oxidized aspect first.b) Cl2(aq)+2NaI(aq)?I2(aq)+2NaCl(aq)Express your answers together chemical symbols separated by a comma. Enter the oxidized element first.c)PbS(s)+4H2O2(aq)?PbSO4(s)+4H2O(l)Express your answers as chemical symbols separated by a.

QuestionWhich designation is offered to suspect the rotation the polarized irradiate by a molecule?A. R/S configurationB. E/Z configurationC. Cis/trans configurationD. Left/right configurationE. Nobody of the above .

QuestionWhich aspect is the main atom? Hydrogen cyanide, Ammonia, Calcium carbonate, Magnesium sulfate, salt chloride? .

QuestionWhich element has the soil state electron construction 3d^10 4s^1? a) Cu Zn Ge Ag Cd .

QuestionWhich aspect in the second duration has the highest atomic number?a. Fb. Xec. Ned. Lie. Nobody of the above .

QuestionWhich crystals are an ext soluble in methanol? (R)-phenylethylammonium-(2R,3R) tartrate salt (S)-phenylethylammonium-(2R,3R) tartrate salt .

QuestionWhich crystals an ext soluble in methanol? (R)-phenylethylammonium-(2R,3R) tartrate salt (S)-phenylethylammonium-(2R,3R)Chemistry

QuestionWhich element is thereducing agentin this reaction?2KMnO4+3Na2SO3+H2O?2MnO2+3Na2SO4+2KOH .

QuestionWhich aspect thereducing agentin this reaction?2KMnO4+3Na2SO3+H2O?2MnO2+3Na2SO4+2KOHChemistry

QuestionWhich facet has the greatest (most negative) electron affinity?CuA probe sent out to the earth Mercury has measured the electronegativities the several elements it has actually detected on the planet.Which aspect would you expect to identify as a metal?element 5 Kr S Na Ca Cu  .

QuestionWhich facet is reduced in the following reaction?Fe2S3 + 12HNO3 2Fe(NO3)3 + 3S + 6NO2 + 6H20a.) Hb.) NO2c.) Sd.) Ne.) OPlease describe how you recognize this. Thanks!!!! .

QuestionWhich aspect is oxidized and also which is reduced in the following reactions?N2(g)+3H2(g)?2NH3(g)3Fe(NO3)2(aq)+2Al(s)?3Fe(s)+2Al(NO3)3(aq)Cl2(aq)+2NaI(aq)?I2(aq)+2NaCl(aq)PbS(s)+4H2O2(aq)?PbSO4(s)+4H2O(l) .

QuestionWhich aspect oxidized and also which diminished in the adhering to reactions?N2(g)+3H2(g)?2NH3(g)3Fe(NO3)2(aq)+2Al(s)?3Fe(s)+2Al(NO3)3(aq)Cl2(aq)+2NaI(aq)?I2(aq)+2NaCl(aq)Chemistry

QuestionWhich direction will certainly the reaction presented below change to reattain equilibrium if thefollowing changes were made? (choose the price in which every answers space correct.)N2 (g) + 3H2( g) --> 2 NH3 (g) ?H = 92.2 kJWith respect to: rise P to decrease T include NH3 .

QuestionWhich facet is the central atom of sodium chloride, megnesium sulfate, calcium carbonate, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide? .

QuestionWhich facet forms compounds, e.g., Teflon, i m sorry are supplied as coatings for other substances?a. Berylliumb. Sodiumc. Fluorined. Nitrogene. BoronPlease help me, ns think the prize is fluorine however I am not positive. Can someone aid me through this question and verify my answer. If i am wrong you re welcome let me.

QuestionWhich element is oxidized and which is diminished in every of the following reactions? (a) Si(s) + 2Cl2(g) ? SiCl4(l) .

QuestionWhich facet has the highest (most negative) electron affinity? Which facet has the highest (most negative) electron affinity? he Br Na Sr Cu .

Question7) A problem that, when liquified in water, produces solution that doeG is called: weak electrolyte X a molecular link a weak acid D) electric so none of these that execute not type the precipitate .

QuestionWhich element has 2 4p electrons?A. GeB. TeC. SeD. MoE. SnHow execute you figure this out? explain this come me. .

QuestionWhich facet has five filled s sublevels and no 4d electrons? The facet is krypton. The facet is xenon. The facet is argon. The aspect is strontium. The aspect is potassium. The element is cesium. The facet is calcium. The aspect is barium. The element is rubidium. .

QuestionWhich facet or ion has the electron configuration presented below?1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p6 5s2 4d8ZnSn4+Zn2+SnXe .

QuestionWhich element is the reducing certified dealer in this reaction?16H++2Cr2O72?+C2H5OH?4Cr3++11H2O+2CO2 .

QuestionWhich aspect the reducing certified dealer in this reaction?16H++2Cr2O72?+C2H5OH?4Cr3++11H2O+2CO2Chemistry

Questionwhich facet has the many atoms? 10 grams that neon, 16 grams that oxygen, 32 grams of selenium, 10 grams of lithium, or 50 g that cesium? .

QuestionWhich element (of the adhering to list) has the highest possible priority when determining R,S or E,Z nomenclature? Read about Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority rule.

Questionwhich facet is more oxidized ClO^3- or cl^-CH4O or CH2O2Mn^2+ or mnO4^-Sn^2+ or Sn^4+please explain each one why did friend choose .

Question7) a) find the mass (in grams) of salt in 8.5 grams of salt phosphate, Na3PO4. B) If a sample of salt phosphate consists of 5.0 g that sodium, then how plenty of grams of oxygen does that contain? .

Question7) (10 pts) explain the benefits and disadvantages to using a graphite heating system instead that the flame in AA spectroscopy? .

Questionwhich element combined with hydrogen has actually a chemical formula most and also least comparable to the compound formed by hydrogen and sulfer (choices room iodine, bromine, selenium, indium) .

Question7 A 315 mineral sample comprise tellurite is dissolved and with 100.00 of 01952 potassium dichromate in the complying with 3 Teo a Crrora after the reaction the overfill dichromate compelled 17.25 ml of percentage Fea" to eliminate via earlier titration calculate the YouTl that tellurite in the original sample. Have.

QuestionWhich differentiates a link from a mixture of two or more elements? The aspects in a compound might be existing in differing proportions. A compound does no exhibit the separation, personal, instance properties the the facets of which the is composed. A compound is comprised of only one facet A compound.

QuestionWhich aspect has the highest power electrons that np3, where n is any principle energy level?Select one:a. Lib. Bc. Vd. Sbe. Sc .

QuestionWhich cubic metallic crystal structure(s) have actually an atomic packing element (i.e. APF) the 74, the theoretical maximum for same-size spheres filling 3-D space? BCC and FCC HCP HCP and BCC straightforward Hexagonal SC HCP and also FCC FCC BCC, FCC and also SC .

QuestionWhich element is oxidized in this reaction? FeO+CO right arrow Fe +CO2 enter the chemical symbol of the element. .

QuestionWhich element is decreased in this reaction?Which aspect is diminished in this reaction?2Cr(OH)3+3OCl?+4OH??2CrO4?2+3Cl?+5H2O .

QuestionWhich facet does X represent in the following expression: 4120X?Enter the chemical symbol that the element. .

QuestionWhich aspect can kind five covalent bonds?FBClOplease explain which one and also why :-/ :(( .

Questionwhich element combined with oxygen is most and also least comparable to the compound created by oxygen and indium (choices space gallium, beryllium, sulfur, magnesium) .

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QuestionWhich element has the highest an initial ionization energy?chlorine(Cl)bromine(Br)sulfur(S)selenium (Se)potassium (K) .

QuestionWhich element has the highest first ionization energy?chlorine(Cl)bromine(Br)sulfur(S)selenium (Se)potassium (K)Chemistry