Large raindrops fall ____ than smaller raindrops, and have a ____ terminal velocity than little raindrops.a. Faster, lesserb. Faster, greaterc. Slower, lesserd. Slower, greater

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Which cloud would most likely produce drizzle?a. Stratusb. Cumulusc. Cumulus congestusd. Cirrostratuse. Cumulonimbus
The merging of fluid cloud droplets through collision is called:a. Coalescenceb. Rimingc. Accretiond. Deposition
If friend observe large raindrops hitting the ground, you could probably say the the cloud overhead was ____ and had ____ updrafts.a. Thick, weakb. Thick, strongc. Thin, weakd. Thin, strong
If rain drops on one side of a street and not ~ above the various other side, the rain many likely dropped from a:a. Nimbostratus cloudb. Stratus cloudc. Cumulonimbus cloudd. Altostratus cloude. Altocumulus cloud
During the ice crystal process of rain formation:a. Just ice crystals require be present in a cloudb. Ice cream crystals grow larger in ~ the cost of the bordering liquid cloud dropletsc. The temperature in the cloud need to be -40 C (-40 F) or belowd. The cloud need to be a cumuliform cloud
Supercooled cloud droplets are:a. Ice crystals surrounding by waiting warmer 보다 0 C (32 F)b. Fluid droplets that are cooler than the air around themc. Fluid droplets it was observed at temperatures below 0 C (32 F)d. Water droplets that have had all your latent heat removed
Rain which drops from a cloud yet evaporates before reaching the soil is referred to as:a. Sleetb. Virgac. Graupeld. Dried rain
A light shower of snow that falls intermittently native cumuliform clouds for a quick duration is well-known as:a. Eye flurriesb. A snow squallc. Virgad. A cloud burste. A autumn streak
A true blizzard is characterized by:a. Short temperaturesb. Strong windsc. Decreased visibilityd. Blow snowe. All of the above
In the winter you read in the newspaper the a huge section that the Midwest is without power due to downed strength lines. Which form of precipitation would many likely develop this situation?a. Snowb. Hailc. Freeze raind. Sleete. Rain
A raindrop or partially melted snowflake that freezes right into a pellet of ice cream in a deep subfreezing great of air near the surface ar is called:a. Snowb. Freeze rainc. Sleetd. Haile. A eye pellet
Which kind of precipitation would many likely form when the surface ar air temperature is slightly below freezing and also the air temperature rises as you move upward far from the ground?a. Freeze rainb. Hailc. Raind. Snowe. Drizzle
Precipitation v the greatest size (diameter) is:a. The eye pelletb. The eye grainc. A hailstoned. Sleete. A rain drop
You would usage a wood stick to measure rainfall in the:a. Tipping bucket rain gaugeb. Standard rain gaugec. Weighing rain gauged. Ozarks
An lot of precipitation measured to be less than one hundredth of an customs (0.25 mm) is called:a. A traceb. Drizzlec. Irradiate raind. Mist
If a city were to receive 1/2 inch of rain in the morning and then 5 inch of eye that afternoon, around how lot precipitation would certainly the weather business report for the day?a. 5 1/2 inchesb. 1/2 inchc. 1 inchd. 10 inches
After a snow storm the newspaper reports that Buffalo, brand-new York obtained 1.50 inches of precipitation. If we assume an median water identical ratio for this snowstorm, climate Buffalo received about ____ customs of snow.a. 3b. 1.5c. 10d. 9e. 15
On average, the water equivalent of 10 inches of snow is around ____ inches of water.a. 0.5b. 1c. 2d. 2.5e. 5
Radar gathers information about precipitation in clouds by measuring the:a. Power emitted by the precipitation particlesb. Absorption attributes of fallout’s precipitationc. Quantity of energy reflected ago to a transmitterd. Lot of sunshine scattered off the precipitatione. Amount of solar energy passing v the cloud




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