What are some of the powers the courts were provided with to carry out the function as a judicial branch?

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The Supreme Court settles disputes between district courts and appellate courts.Federal courts settles disputes between the citizens of different states and the between the states and federal government.
Federalism - division of power between state governments (50 of these) and the National government (only 1 of these)Delegated powers - constitution gives these only to the federal governmentReserved Powers - constitution says these are held or kept by the stateShared powers - they are shared by both
What are some of the powers the President was given to carry out the functions of the executive branch?
*leader of the military (Commander in Chief)* nominate ambassadors and Supreme Court Justice* enforce nation"s laws*issue pardons*give executive orders
What is a "federal republic"?How does the government of the United States fit the description of a "federal republic"?
A union of states were power rests with the people who elect their representativesIt has a national or federal (these are the same) government that shares powers with the state government
How do you define "popular sovereignty"?How does the U.S. government reflect the principle of popular sovereignty?
Popular sovereignty is the "will of the people", this is decided through electionsThe U.S. Constitution first paragraph, known as the "Preamble" it starts with these words "We the people..."
They are things not in the U.S. Constitution but are really important in politics and government.examples: Political partiesLegislative oversight (Congress check to see if the President is doing his job)Election Procedures
What are some of the key provisions of the "Ohio Constitution on 1802"?What type of problems did this constitution cause in the governing of Ohio?
Created the "Ohio general Assembly" a bi-cameral legislature (it has a "House of Representatives" and a "Senate") Do NOT confuse this with congressGovernor as the executive with no veto powerOhio Supreme Court had to meet in each county every yearallowed forUnlimited state debt
Majority Rule - the side or the person who gets the most votes, wins and has the most powerMinority Rights - this is more important, there are certain things like the "Bill of Rights" that can not be taken away even if a majority vote for it
What are some of the powers the Congress was provided to carry out its function as a legislative branch?
*pass a "bill" which the President signs into law*declare war (not the President)*borrow and make money*regulate trade*admit new states*approve treaties (only the Senate)*impeach the President




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