In Dawn the Sorrow, you can release approximately 3 demon souls v Yoko per visit. What’s the suggest of this? Why would anyone remove their souls? As far as i know, the much more souls you have the higher the level the the attack/buff, which would make this mechanic nice useless.

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Most of the souls just get better after ~ leveling castle up: an ext damage, bigger area, better buff...

But with specific souls, you can"t just say if leveling them makes the ability far better or worse, it"s just different. For example, level 9 Persephone will make a Persephone show up with the vacuum and she will drain much more HP, but she will flinch v every hit she takes. Level 8 Persephone will simply summon a less powerful vacuum, but it"s not impacted by adversary hits.

Anyway, virtually every soul is better when you max the up, I never used the spirit release.


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