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Located in between the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean in main America, Costa Rica has a populace of close to 5 million. The territory has tropical and also subtropical climate zones and more than fifty percent of the is forest. Five percent of the soil is arable and also 6.7% is made up of irreversible crops.

Costa Rica has actually historically to be a predominantly farming country, specialized to classic export plants such together coffee, sugar and also bananas all of which are likewise important for residential consumption. Other classic crops encompass primarily grains, vegetables and fruit room for regional consumption. Today, the farming sector employs 14% of the Costa Rican working force and also makes up 6% the the country’s GDP.

Latest trends in globalization have available export avenues for non-traditional assets like pineapple, melon, foliage and also ornamental crops amongst others. These latter plants now mostly exceed the manufacturing of traditional crops. The orientation that Costa Rican farming towards export markets has compelled a cultivation use that imported seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals. The country still remains interdependent once it comes to crop diversity. Significant food imports room maize, soybeans and also wheat. In fact, 76-96% that the food energy consumed in Costa Rica comes from crops that room not indigenous to the region. many of these plants’ diversity is discovered elsewhere top top the planet.

Ensuring that noteworthy imports such as maize, soybeans and wheat space able to it is adapted to the challenges that farming faces today and tomorrow is the the utmost importance, not only to Costa Rica, but likewise the world.

Costa Rica validated the international Treaty on Plant hereditary Resources for Food and farming (ITPGRFA) in 2006, involvement 134 various other contracting parties in commitment to the an international system because that the preservation of crop diversity.

Image Credit: Trey Redcliff

The chop Trust has supported 5 projects in Costa Rica
Beans: The Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Costa Rica received support native the crop Trust to regenerate and characterize 172 accessions of common bean through the objective of rescuing intimidated diversity and also enhancing use of the crops. 157 accessions room safety replicated at the International facility for Tropical agriculture (CIAT).Cassava: Costa Rica master the Tropical farming Research and higher Education centre (CATIE), which got support indigenous the chop Trust come regenerate and also characterize 185 cassava accessions from the international collection it manages. 40 accessions room safety duplicated in International facility for Tropical agriculture (CIAT).Cowpea: The Tropical agricultural Research and greater Education centre (CATIE) obtained support indigenous the chop Trust come regenerate, characterize, file and safety and security duplicate 2,160 accessions native the international collection the manages. The is additionally cryopreserving coffee.

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Maize: The Tropical agricultural Research and higher Education center (CATIE) received support from the crop Trust to regenerate, characterize, paper and safety duplicate 62 maize accessions indigenous the worldwide collection the manages.Yam: The Tropical agricultural Research and greater Education centre (CATIE) obtained support from the chop Trust come regenerating, characterizing and also documenting 118 accessions native the worldwide collection it manages. 57 accessions room safety copied in the worldwide Institute because that Tropical farming (IITA).

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