Each verse of Psalm 119:1-8 would start with the letter A.

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The an initial letter that the Hebrew alphabet is “aleph,” so because that the original Psalm, each letter that verses 1-8 would begin with a word that starts v “aleph.” The following 8 verses, Psalm 119:9-16, would go ~ above the next letter, which would certainly be “beth” and also so on until all 22 letter were covered.Even without learning Hebrew, the illustration below shows how each verse starts with the Hebrew letter aleph, i m sorry is circled. Hebrew reads right to left, for this reason it’ll be on the right side.
So, Psalm 119 could not have been also 1 verse much shorter or longer. That the right length for this alphabet acrostic. But most alphabet acrostics in the Bible, prefer Psalm 25, have just 22 verses, one verse because that every letter the the alphabet. Why does Psalm 119 have actually 8 times together many?

Psalm 119 is 8 time Longer due to the fact that of its Theme

The key message that Psalm 119 can be synthetic up in city 97. It’s around whole-hearted pleasure in God and also His Word.Oh how I love your law!It is mine meditation all the day.

Psalm 119:97

The Psalmist that wrote this loves God’s word so much that it’s in his thoughts every day long. If the is thinking about God’s Word for this reason much, it just makes sense that he has actually a lot to say about it.Psalm 119 offers 8 native to define God’s Word. The Psalmist consist of the design template of God’s native from plenty of different angles. Each has actually its very own unique definition and nuance. Just as a guitarist will know there are many different varieties of guitars and each has its own unique tone and also use, the Psalmist explains his enthusiasm for God’s word in countless different ways.8 native to define God’s Word in Psalm 119Meaning/NuanceLawGod’s instruction because that His peopleWordGod’s thoughts and also speechTestimoniesGod’s methods written down as a witness and also reminder come usWaysHow God desires the trip of our stays to be live outPreceptsGod’s order, the method He has actually made life to workStatutesThe legislation or ordinance that will carry a blessing if it’s followedCommandmentsGod activity God wants us to doRulesWhat is the just and also the ideal thing to do
Psalm 119 has actually 8 verses because that every letter the the Hebrew alphabet. This is not a quick nursery rhyme, but its sheer length is making a bolder statement. One of these 8 words is supplied in practically every verse of Psalm 119.How perform I love thee? let me counting the ways.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Psalm 119 defines how oh my gosh Word bring blessings, wisdom, and also understanding. His native reveals His heart towards us. We can start to check out from God’s perspective – how He do life to work so that we have the right to live lives that space blessed and full of meaning.Your indigenous is a lamp to mine feetand a light to mine path.

Psalm 119:105

Entire books have been created on this one Psalm alone. Man Calvin, the Reformer and also theologian, preached 22 messages on it, one article for every ar of 8 verses.Many human being have thought this Psalm to be penned by King David, that wrote more than 70 that the Psalms. Return the author of the Psalm is not provided in the original Psalm, the length of Psalm 119 has attracted the fist of people throughout history who have actually resonated v its message.

Psalm 119 Has drawn Attention come its Message due to the fact that of the Length

Its condition as the longest Psalm in the bible has given Psalm 119 a many attention v the years. It’s kind of the user’s overview to how world can encounter and also experience God with the Word.Psalm 119 is a chapter of the scriptures that calls attention to the importance of the scriptures itself.One of the benefits of one alphabet acrostic is that it aids in memorization and also learning. As soon as something is this an extensive compared to various other Psalms, it’s daunting to memorize, permit alone review in one sitting. Since of the acrostic structure, people have taken up the an obstacle to memorize it. Wilhelm Wilburforce, the leader in the motion to abolish the servant trade in England in the 1800s, quoted this Psalm from memory throughout his walk home from Parliament.How sweet are your words to my taste,sweeter 보다 honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103

The irony the this Psalm is the there is great delight in who else, specific God, telling us what to do. As one begins to happiness in god’s Word, over there is a present of that God is and also what that is really like (Eph. 1:18-21). And this makes us truly happy to go after this God and receive His Word.

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The Law, commands, and statutes become sweet and also life-giving. God gives these to united state not to condemn us yet to present us exactly how life is intended to work. His indigenous expresses His love to bless and also causes everything to thrive.