To calculation a torr value to the corresponding value in atm, just multiply the amount in torr by 0.0013157894736842 (the conversion factor). Below is the formula:

Suppose you want to transform 1520 torr into atm. Using the conversion formula above, you will get:

Value in atm = 1520 × 0.0013157894736842 = 2 atm

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Torrs to atm counter chart
620 torrs = 0.816 atm
720 torrs = 0.947 atm
820 torrs = 1.08 atm
920 torrs = 1.21 atm
1020 torrs = 1.34 atm
1120 torrs = 1.47 atm
1220 torrs = 1.61 atm
1320 torrs = 1.74 atm
1420 torrs = 1.87 atm
1520 torrs = 2 atm

Torrs come atm switch chart
1520 torrs = 2 atm
1620 torrs = 2.13 atm
1720 torrs = 2.26 atm
1820 torrs = 2.39 atm
1920 torrs = 2.53 atm
2020 torrs = 2.66 atm
2120 torrs = 2.79 atm
2220 torrs = 2.92 atm
2320 torrs = 3.05 atm
2420 torrs = 3.18 atm

Pressure conversion Table

Bellow is a handy conversion table. These devices are largely used in commercial environment.

From / ToBarMbarPaKPaMPa (torr)Kgf/cm2Mm hgmm wcPSI1" wc
1 Bar11000100,0001000.11.0197750.06210197.1614.5038401.463
1 mBar0.00111000.10.00011.0197x10-30.750110.19720.0145401.463x10-3
1 Pa0.00010.0110.0010.0000011.0197x10-50.00750.101970.0001454.01463x10-3
1 KPa0.0110100010.0010.01027.5006101.9720.1454.01463
1 MPa1010.0001,0001000110.19727500.62101972145.0384014.63
1 Kgf/cm20.981980.7980.66698.06650.098071735.5610.00014.2233393.7008
1 mm Hg0.001331.333133.630.133320.1333x10-30.001359113.59510.019340.53524
1 mm wc0.0000980.0989.8070.0098079.8071060.0010.0735610.001239.3701x103
1 PSI0.0689568.956895.066.8956.895x10-30.070351.717703.01127.68
1’’ wc2.4908x10-32.4908249.0890.24900.2490x10-32.54x10-31.868325.40.03611

Pressure Unit conversion Factors

The adhering to list reflects each push unit and its tantamount value converted right into Pascals (Pa) (the SI unit because that measuring pressure).

Unit that PressureValue in Pascals (SI unit for pressure)
psipfsilb/in², orlbf/in² (Pounds per Sq. Customs or Pounds pressure per Sq. Inch)6894.75729316836...
mb or mbr (Millibar)100
N/m² (Newton per Square Metre)1
Pa (Pascal)1 (SI unit for pressure)
hPa (Hectopascal)100
kPa (Kilopascal)1,000
MPa (Megapascal)1,000,000
kg/cm² or kgf/cm² (Kilogram every Square Centimeter)98,066.5
mTorr (Millitorr)0.1333223684210...
atm (Standard Atmosphere) 101,325
at (Technical Atmosphere)98,066.5
dyn/cm², dyne/cm² or dynes/cm² (Dyne every Square Centimeter)0.1
oz/in² or ozf/in²430.9223308230...
tsi or tfsi (Tons per Sq.e inch or Tons force per Sq.e inch (uk, long)) 15,444,256.33669...
tsi or tfsi ( loads per Sq. Customs or Tons force per Sq. Inch (usa, short))13,789,514.58633...
tsf or tfsf (Tons every Sq. Foot or Tons force per Sq. Foot (usa, short))95,760.51796067...
psf or pfsf (Pounds per Sq. Foot or Pounds force per Square Foot)47.88025898033...
g/cm² or gf/cm² (Gram per Sq. Centimetre or Gram force per Sq. Cm)98.0665

<...> way a rounded value.

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