We’re being asked todetermine the empirical formulaof a compound created of C, H, and O, givenC 75.69%, H 8.80%, O 15.51%.

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Recall thatmass percentis provided by:

% mass=mass of Xtotal mass×100

Assuming we have100 gof the compound, this suggests we have75.69 g C, 8.80 g H,and15.51 g O.

Now, we must acquire the moles of each facet in the compound.

The atomic masses are12.01 g/mol C, 1.01 g/mol H,and16 g/mol O.

75.69 g C×1 mol C12.01 g C=6.30 mol C

8.80 g H×1 mol H1.01 g H=8.71 mol H

15.51 g O×1 mol O16.00 g O=0.97 mol O

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Problem Details

Ibuprofen has the adhering to mass percent composition:

C 75.69%, H 8.80%, O 15.51%.

What is the empirical formula of ibuprofen?

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