There space a lot of unpopular opinions out there. Some space polarizing (I will certainly go to mine grave defending the respect of pineapple top top pizza), while part takes aren"t actually that controversial.

But every so regularly there is one opinion for this reason devious, so purely evil, that it rises over the rest. I"m talking, the course, around eating grain with water.

Redditor u/DubitablyIndubitable shared their beliefs on how this breakfast food must be eaten with a article that has due to the fact that become the top of every time on the sugreddit r/unpopularopinion.

The reaction was a swift and also intense "thanks, I dislike it!" This to be compounded by the truth that the admitted he doesn"t even drink the grain water (two words the shouldn"t be together), the same way you would drink the leftover cereal milk in the bowl.

"It"s just for the texture it gives the cereal," the wrote.


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The saga continues, once it transforms out that he breaks another sacred rule of cereal-eating. Folks, this human pours the water (and ns still can"t think this) first, and then pours the cereal.

While there seems to be no factor to disrespect cereal like this, u/DubitablyIndubitable responded to comment by saying the he " like milk and cereal is dry. Water is the logical solution." Reddit user u/Elimacc responded with "Dude, just like, choose a various breakfast. Instant oatmeal through water is fine." Agreed.

Even the moderator of the sugreddit chimed in on the thread.

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Although in the soul of what the subreddit especially asks for, countless users were actually grateful the for once, this opinion to be sincerely unpopular. No prejudice thinly disguised as an "opinion," not political discourse, simply genuinely a banal unpopular opinion.

And really, this is one the we can probably forgive. However peanut butter, ketchup, and pickle sandwich human being is on slim ice.


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