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Flex Alexander or Flex (originally, note Alexander Knox) is one actor, comedian, and dancer. He is best known as Flex Washington top top One top top One. Knox is a two-times winner of bet Comedy Awards and four times winner that NAACP image Awards. What’s more, he is additionally the creator the a graphic novel, The Joshua Run.Flex is additionally famous for appearing on his own reality show, Flex, and Shanice (2014-2016), v his wife, Shanice. Alexander and also his wife have actually gone v a lot indigenous going broke and facing many career roadblocks.The 51-year-old actor/comedian who is a member the the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity fought ago hard to rescue his family from the gaue won ruins. Recognize all his struggles and how the overcame them in the contents below. Likewise know around his early, career, personal and much more.

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Flex Alexander’s at an early stage Life; shed His friend In A total Violence 

Alexander to be born in Harlem, new York on born April 15, 1970. The is the kid of Alethia Knox and Robert Whitehead. His mother worked 3-4 tasks to make sure he and also his siblings had actually what they needed. While the is unclear how numerous of Knox’s youngsters are there, Flex at least has one older brother and also one younger sister. 

Troubled Childhood; virtually Died In A Street Fight

Knox’s father, Robert Whitehead was a bass guitarist that passed far in 1989. Flex and Whitehead met each other just three times.To People, Flex defined his dad together a “rolling stone” and said that he was a guy who was searching however didn’t understand himself what the was browsing for.His brothers Dwayne acquired himself combined up with negative apples, transforming to the streets and also illegal substances. Dwayne would later on lose his life native AIDS.
Flex Alexander at the 12th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (MJCI) Gala, Aria Resort and also Casino in ~ City Center, ras Vegas, NV April 5, 2013. Photograph By: James Atoa/Everett CollectionMark likewise would leave the house at 15 and also become a street hustler, sleeping on subways and also doing virtually anything to do a living.In 1988, things changed when his friend shed his life in a confrontation with a rival drug dealer.Flex discovered himself in a similar situation. But he survived as soon as the dealer who had put his gun to Flex’s head jammed. Knox timeless left the street life after that.

How Dancing readjusted His Name

Mark attended High institution of Art and also Design in Manhattan, majoring in Architecture.
When he to be a teen, he began dancing in brand-new York night clubs earning the nickname “Flex” due to his acrobatic run skills.Later, DJ Spinderella discovered him. That then began touring with rap trio Salt-n-Pepa’s and also remained with the run troupe for 3 years.In enhancement to dancing, Flex likewise choreographed for mary J. Blige and also Queen Latifah.

Flex Alexander display Got Cancelled many Times 

In 1989, Alexander make his stand-up comedy debut. He ultimately shifted to acting making his movie debut in the 1992 film Juice. He was likewise a regular actors member of the sketch comedy show, Uptown Comedy Club, native 1992-1994.Flex’s very first television function was top top the quick 1993 ABC sitcom Where i Live, starring Doug E. Doug. In spite of receiving crucial acclaim, the studio canceled it in ~ a year.The brand-new Yorker comedian climate guest-starred on episodes of Sister, Sister, and The Cosby Mysteries prior to moving come Los Angeles in 1995 to concentrate on acting. In 1996, the NAACP winner landing a starring duty on one more sitcom Homeboys in outer Space, though, this, too lasted for a brief amount of time.Later that year, Flex co-starred in yet one more short-lived series of Steven Bochco, complete Security. Following complete Security’s run, Alexander guest appeared on Brooklyn South and The Parkers.Additionally, he had actually roles in several movies including the 1998 direct-to-video relax Backroom Bodega Boyz and also She’s All the (1999).

Other Shows and Films 

From 2000 to 2001, Shanice’s husband showed up as Maya Wilkes’ husband Darnell during the very first season the the UPN sitcom Girlfriends. The left Girlfriends to star as single father mark “Flex” Washington on the UPN sitcom One ~ above One. He, himself created and produced the series. Because that his duty on One on One, Alexander received a nomination for three NAACP photo Awards and two BET Comedy Awards.In 2004, the dad of two illustrated Michael Jackson in the VH1 tv biopic guy In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story. This garnered him another NAACP photo Award nomination.Alexander returned to One top top One because that two much more seasons. Throughout the last season, however, the display wrote the end his character and also reduced him to a recurring duty for the show’s reboot.Following the end of One ~ above One, Alexander go on to have actually roles in the 2006 movie Snakes ~ above a Plane, opposite Samuel L. Jackson, and the 2007 fear film The Hills have Eyes 2.He likewise starred in Clement Virgo’s negative Boy’s Game, through Danny Glover. And in a 2007 illustration of CSI: Miami.As of the current time, the six-foot-three-tall actor and also his wife, Shanice, had actually their own reality present Flex & Shanice i beg your pardon aired on channel, OWN.These work he’s also been DJ’ing top top Zoom.

Flex Alexander Wife says His confidence In God attracted Her

Alexander married R&B singer Shanice Wilson ~ above February 19, 2000. His wife, Shanice Lorraine Wilson-Knox (née Wilson; born may 14, 2022), famous simply as Shanice, is a singer-songwriter, actress, and also dancer.They offered to live in the exact same San Fernando sink apartment complex. The Grammy nominee singer told HuffPost they ran right into each various other in one elevator.In numerous interviews, the songstress has actually said the Flex’s love for God to be the very first thing the made she love him. The pair at first started out as friends. They had their an initial date at Mel’s Diner in Studio City, California.Actor Flex Alexander and also his wife, Shanice Wilson, in ~ the 8th yearly Heroes In The struggle Gala top top February 4, 2009, in Los Angeles, CA.Flex’s spouse had the Billboard hit singles “I Love her Smile” and “Silent Prayer” in 1991 and “Saving Forever because that You” in 1993. In 1999, Mrs. Knox scored one more hit song, “When i Close my Eyes”, which finished No. 12 ~ above Billboard’s warm 100 chart.Shanice is famed for she coloratura soprano voice and her capacity to song in the horn register.Together, they have actually two children, daughter Imani Shekinah Alexander-Knox (born august 23, 2022) and also son Elijah Alexander-Knox (born in march 5, 2022). Their daughter, Imani graduated from high school in June 2019.

Why walk Flex & Shanice Marry Fast?

Mark and also Shanice just dated for around three months prior to their wedding.The previous invited his fiancee come the church, and also there the minister was talking about “ghetto engagements.” Shanice described to Oprah the minister was fed up v couples having five and also six-year-long engagements.So he come up v the surname “ghetto engagement” to describe those who were acquisition too long to tie the knot. Once they left church, lock hopped into the automobile after i m sorry Flex looked in ~ Shanice and also asked her to marry the then and also there come which she agreed.

They lost Their House; Worst moment Of their Marriage

During an interview with page Six, the One top top One star recalled the tough time he and also his family lost their LA residence in 2010.The actor said it was a genuine estate crash. He and also his wife had bought a lot of property so the tough times come along and he continued to shot to host onto the property and also pull indigenous savings.Flex Alexander through his wife and also children. Source: FacebookAt the time, Alexander thought actual estate was a an excellent way to achieve wealth and also it was something he want to pass under to his family and kids. For this reason he tried to organize on.The crash struggle the family large time and he and also his mam went on to have actually financial struggles. The pair aired their difficulties on their very own reality present “Flex & Shanice.” Shanice and also Flex also pawned your wedding rings, though which lock rescued earlier later.Alexander, however, claims he doesn’t remorse going public through their story of bankruptcy. He defined he never had regrets. Alexander declared he is from the jobs in the southern Bronx and that kind of ingredient hardly fazes him.The household survived and also these days their careers are back on track through both of lock enjoying their millionaire life.

Flex Alexander Burrowed $350 to Celebrate His Anniversary with Shanice 

It was throughout one the their tough times once Flex had to seek aid from his girlfriend to take his wife out on an anniversary date.In may 2020, while talk with one of his pals, chris on Instagram live, the Bronx native said that was your anniversary and he couldn’t do anything because that Shanice.Flex included it was kris who provided him $350 so that he and Shanice can enjoy your day. The actor went all sobby and expressed his gratitude for his girlfriend on camera.

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So room They tho Together; What Flex and also His wife Doing Now? 

Fans and also the Alexander pair got your happy ending when the latter triumphed over their hardship during their show. The pair is all currently enjoying their secure life and focusing on each of their ventures whilst still being married to each other.In April 2020, when talking with Fox 5, Alexander revealed he was working with some guys out of DC on a streaming platform service that the actor named CEEK. Shanice’s spouse described the company focuses on goggles and also virtual reality. His company CEEK indigenous Miami, Florida concentrates on connecting music artists and digital content creators straight to their fans.On the various other hand, Flex’s wife of two decades said she was additionally working on her very own line the lipstick, smell by Shanice. She stated the product come vegan and also is non-toxic.The pair said they came v their ideas during pandemic 2020.