L>Powers on your Computer"s Calculator     powers on your Computer"s CalculatorYour Computer"s Calculator           This is not a chain-logic calculator and not a scientific calculator. The has functions of every of these.     part pages are compelled reading before completion that this page. The contant attribute is forced the the contrary of a number is compelled Powers of Ten is forced powers the a number is forced the mutual of a number is attached below, ~ above this web page square roots have to be review AFTER this pageNOTES: No points have been significant on this page for BREAKs. Decide because that yourself when to break.Keep both note open and your calculator open.Representing strength          2³ = 2 · 2 · 2 = 8    The expression "two to the third power" or "two cubed" has a basic of 2, anexponent the 3, and means that 2 is offered as a factor 3 times. As soon as math is typed on one line fairly than created by hand, 2³ is occasionally writtenas 2^3 wherein the caret seperates the basic from the exponent therefore the expression converts as "2 come the 3rd power."    much more sophisticated calculators use the adhering to buttons to exponentiate quickly.              Less advanced calculators which carry out not have any of these keysoften have actually features developed into the calculator come facilitate quick exponential computation.    your computer"s calculators is one of the less sophisticated varieties but easily computes integral powers.The strength of A Number          below the contant attribute is provided to display the powers of a number.Enter the base,Press come multiply,Enter the base again,Press the <=> again and again counting until the appropriate variety of factors is achieved Example #1: powers of two<2><2><=> is 4,2², 2 come the 2nd power<=> is 8,2³, 2 come the third power<=> is 16,2 come the 4th power <=> is 32,2 come the 5th power, ... Some the the powers of 2 space 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, ...  Example #2: strength of an adverse three<3><+/-><3><+/-><=> is 9,(-3)², -3 come the 2nd power<=> is -27,(-3)³, -3 to the third power<=> is 81,-3 come the 4th power<=> is -243,-3 to the fifth power, ... Some the the strength of -3 room 9, -27, 81, -243, ...     Next, you re welcome visit the The strength of Ten Page and also then, Reciprocal"s on your Computer"s Calculator.The powers of A Number Revisited          currently that you have reviewed the basics v the material above onthis page and the powers of Ten Page, take into consideration the bigger picture.    The continuous feature on your calculator patent you, withthought, come compute any integral -- integer form -- power of any kind of base. But, for these below, the calculator is not necessary -- simply your thoughts room necessary.    Analyse the following example, to fill in the lacking info, verify your answer. Example #1: strength of 2 is , 2 to the an adverse fourth strength is , 2 come the negative third power1/4 is , 2-to-the-negative-second1/2 is , 2-to-the-negative-first1 is , 2-to-the-zero2 is , 2-to-the-first4 is 2², 2-to-the-second8 is 2³, 2-to-the-third16 is 2-to-the-fourth 32 is 2-to-the-fifth64 is 2-to-the-sixth For answers to above, scroll down.1/8 is two-to-the-negative-third1/16 is two-to-the-negative-fourthFor an ext of one explanation, press RESTATE.Then, proceed below.A Number to-the-Zero. To-the-One, to-the-Negative-One          3 powers that a number are crutial to mental conputation and also understanding of more sophisticated principles such as algebraic computation including exponents and logs.

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Castle are:      A Number elevated to 1 power is the Number.      A Number raised to 0 power is One, for all nonzero numbers.      A Number increased to -1 power is the Number"s Reciprocal, for all nonzero numbers.       v the above in mind, simplify and also check her answer.    despite these questions look easy, THIS IS A VERY daunting SET that QUESTIONS! Q1: What"s the reciprocal of the mutual of the reciprocal of four?    Q2: Simplify:    Q3: Simplify:    Q4: Simplify:    Q5: Simplify:        continue on come the next page or return to page 7 of lastly PLEASE conveniently EXCUSE mine DEAR AUNT SALLY, lesson c80.    This page is brought to girlfriend by mathematics CONCEPTS, inc., publishers of MATH talked HERE!, ISBN: 0-9623593-5-1.    You are hereby granted permission to make ONE printed copy of this page and its picture(s) for your personal and not-for-profit use. YOU may NOT make ANY extr COPIES of THIS PAGE, the PICTURE(S), that SOUND CLIP(S), OR ITS animated GIFS there is no PERMISSION FROM: classes
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