Drinking bong water will certainly NOT get you high, but it’ll most likely make you feel ill.

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Ah the old urban legend the drinking bong water will obtain you high. You will not acquire high because THC, the psychoactive link in cannabis, is not water soluble.

What you are most likely to gain from drink bong water is sick through vomiting and/or a stomachache.

One resourceful other posted that you could use rubbing alcohol to squeeze the end that last little of THC not supplied in the bong rip to scrape some out kief. Personally I’m not that hard up for cannabis to extract that from my dirty bong and I acquire plenty the kief v 100x less effort from my grinder but to each your own!

However, that is a good idea on a continual basis to use that rubbing alcohol come clean your bong to protect against bacteria and also germs from thriving. If you’re difficult up because that kief or just curious because that a science experiment, girlfriend could try out the guy’s above advice and evaporate the used rubbing alcohol in a dish and scrape far afterwards!

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Liesheh 5pts

I"m not about to drink bong water, however, the would definitely make girlfriend high. Her only dispute saying the wouldn"t is due to the fact that THC is insoluble in water. In fact THC is dissolve in water, about 2.8 mg/L. Although that isn"t lot it will obtain you high.

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