If you’re lying on the couch reading a publication or watching a movie, numerous cats will certainly take the chance to come and also lay on her chest. Room there specific reasons behind this behavior? correct! You’ll need to figure out which details ones might use to your own cat, but there are five main factors that cat love to lay on ours chests. Let’s discover out what castle are!


1. Cats love to be warm

Image Credit: TORLEY, FlickrCats lie on our chests for the same factor that they love sit on your laptop, in a sunny spot, or above a radiator. We’re warm! cats adore finding the coziest spots that they can to curl up for a nap, and the warmest location for a cat to sit ~ above their person is appropriate in the middle of our chest!

2. It’s comfortable

When we’re sitting up, we’ll frequently fidget to obtain into the comfiest position, and this have the right to annoy part cats come the allude that they’ll run off your lap and find elsewhere to sit or put down. Once we’re lie down, though, we’re much more likely to remain still, meaning your cat deserve to concentrate ~ above relaxing too.

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3. Your cat loves you

Image Credit: Alek B, PixabaySome cats simply adore gift close to your owners, and also they’ll seek you out and sit or lay on you, whatever position she in. If your cat loves to bond with you by sleeping on her chest, you might just have to resign yourself to the fact that girlfriend won’t obtain much done once they’re worked out down!

4. It provides them feel secure

It may be that part cats get an extra element of feeling secure when lying on our chests, together it’s easy for lock to feeling our heartbeat. That a similar position to just how they may have actually slept close to their mothers’ chests, for this reason this position have the right to make some cats feeling safe.

Hearing her heartbeat v your chest can comfort even adult cats. After all, many of our grown-up cats still indulge in “kittenish” behavior, like kneading or sucking ~ above a blanket, so it’s no surprised to recognize that castle might additionally enjoy the lull of gift close to another beating heart.

Cats know that they’re fragile when castle asleep, therefore they’ll automatically seek out the safest ar that lock can discover when they desire to take it a nap. That might be a quiet edge of the house, an elevated shelf, or her chest!

5. Your cat is gift territorial


If you have multiple cats, you could find that one of them lays on your chest much more often than the others. Cats deserve to “claim” playthings or a couch and also won’t permit another cat access, and also laying on your chest can attain the exact same thing.

By laying on her chest, your cat will also be covering more of you with pheromones from your scent glands, letting any type of other cats in the area understand that beyond any type of doubt, you room theirs!


It’s an excellent for united state too!

Your cat might gain comfort and warmth from snuggling increase on your chest, yet the services go both ways! having your cat on her chest and also being maybe to feeling the vibrations of their purr have the right to offer surprising health benefits.

A cat’s purr procedures within the frequency selection of 20-150 Hertz, i beg your pardon matches the frequencies supplied in therapeutic medicine to help bone and soft tissue injuries.

It’s not just their purrs that deserve to do us good. Scientists have uncovered that civilization who very own cats room 40% less likely to endure from health problems like love attacks. They’ve additionally found the owning a cat deserve to reduce stress and also high blood pressure.

So, the next time that your cat snuggles under on her chest, relax and also enjoy it, knowing that it’s doing both of you plenty of good!

But short amounts of time room best

Even if the tempting to enable your adorable cat to sleep on her chest every night, it’s most likely not a great idea.

If you change unconsciously in her sleep, you might startle her cat. Their solution may periodically be to host on v their claws, which can be rather of a shock if you were in a deep sleep! You also don’t want to roll over onto her cat if they’ve shifted to sleeping alongside you in the night.

You might also find the you can not drop off into a deep sleep v your cat on her chest. Trying come breathe effectively with a hefty cat on her chest can become uncomfortable after a while, especially if your cat is a huge breed prefer a Maine Coon. Broken sleep isn’t going to leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Sleeping in such close proximity to your cat may additionally trigger allergies together you inhale dander and fur the can reason breathing problems.

If you desire to recreate that warmth secure feeling for your cat once you’re no at house or do the efforts to get a great night’s sleep, consider investing in a heated cat bed because that them instead.

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Wrapping that up

There are countless different factors why cats prefer to sit on her chest, put on it, or sleep top top it, from merely keeping warmth to feeling comforted or letting other cats in the residence know the they take into consideration you “theirs.” If this is among your cat’s favorite locations to lay, we’d love to know why girlfriend think that they love it so much!


Featured Image: Lutic, Shutterstock

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