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I"m sorry, what go G!P typical in fanfic terms? I know what, because that instance, mpreg method but I"ve never ever heard this details term before.

G!P is quick for Girl Penis, i m sorry is (to be yes, really reductive) essentially attaching a penis to a mrs character so the they have the right to write a specific collection of fetishistic narratives, virtually always likewise ignoring trans and/or intersex experience in the process of cherrypicking that certain physical trait and also fetishizing our bodies v it.




love that point the stinky cheese man and also other relatively stupid tales books i read this prior to bed every night for choose a year and a fifty percent when ns was a young son

highlights indigenous the 2018 winners include:

“Eli Jacob Crowley, the well known pioneer figure who spearheaded America’s westward growth by blazing the Crowley follow in 1838, was an awe-inspiring figure of a man, together stout together a four-century-old oak, together intellectually facility as the fronds of a Florida palm, as singularly concentrated as the tribe of a large Sequoia, though in all other respects, not choose a tree at all.” (John Hardi)

“Talila Norpiros, heir to the elven throne and commander of her people’s armed forces, made decision a slightly much more risqué outfit the morning 보다 she would normally wear come battle, theorizing the if she to be presented as a sex symbol and a dynamic protagonist, the series might attract a couple of more masculine readers and finally do the new York time bestseller list.” (Bridget Parmenter)

“It wasn’t fair to contact Michael a scum-sucking monster indigenous the deep, the miserable, fetid descendant of part unnamed demon who, after centuries at the really depths that the ocean, had actually somehow surfaced and found his means to wall Street—it to be accurate, of course, however he wanted Michael.” (Allison Bryski)

and my personal favourite:

“Once top top a time, there was a location where things happened; enable me to be an ext specific.” (John Wallace)

just fucking remembered contest again so nobody asked yet here room some 2019 winner highlights

“It to be a dark and stormy night, and also since this was Miami in July and also everyone had left your convertible top down, the rain fell in Cadillacs.” (Andrew Lundberg)

“When the tall dark, handsome, buff, and wealthy cowboy moseyed into my “Blazin’ Six-guns” novelty shop, ns felt a wave of warm flood with me, as if I had actually accidentally swallowed mine sub-lingual nicotinic acid lozenge, resulting in the niacin come be released instantaneously, fairly than in a more controlled, extended, low-potency dose, for which means the prescription had actually been written.” (Randall Card)

“Zajaxian Planetary Law compelled that war, if it need to be fought, be combated not through bombs, bullets and also blood, together on our own primitive Earth, but with serried financial institutions of immensely an effective mainframe computers, even though they were bulky to carry and also unwieldy to throw.“ (Jeremy Das)

“The High Gondonderil gazed on through horror together the Elgaborian soldier marched at a single, pitiless pace into the as soon as peaceful streets of Sar-Andrada, the resources city the the kingdom the Xanthil, situated in a fantasy cosmos which can seem very confusing at present yet which will certainly doubtless do perfect sense to you, to ~ reader, as soon as you establish that, like most fantasy universes, it’s basically just Tolkien’s Middle-earth with various names because that things.” (Harrison Glaze)

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would friend look at that its time to talk about my favourite bad fiction contest!! below are some 2020 winner highlights

“The very first thing ns noticed around the detective’s office was exactly how much the reminded me the the baggage claim at a surrounding airport: the carpet was half a century the end of date, that reeked the cigarettes and cheap booze, and also I to be moderately certain that my case had been lost.” (Paul Kollas)

“’You may recognize my true name,’ gloated Archmage-Emperor !Gfńatt’ Bdúnśṽiobfhńr come the foolish traitor who had actually dared shot to end his glorious mage-empire’s reign, ‘but deserve to you express it?’”(Gideon Gordon)

“The sound that his raspy voice and also the feeling of his chilly hand on she shoulder made her shudder, favor the wooden points on the sides of windows, but a verb quite than a noun, and with two d’s fairly than 2 t’s.” (Kagte Minyard)

“Jarrod, lied in the bed next to Selina, ~ above his side with his head in his hand, asked, ‘What would certainly your husband do if he experienced me right now?’ and also Selina, who was watching she husband sneak increase on Jarrod stop a tire iron v two hands raised above his head, replied, ‘Probably sneak increase on you through a tire iron raised over his head, prepare to use it for something various other than its intended purpose.’” (Randy Blanton)

it’s 2021 winner time and i desire to be clean this time the “bad fiction” is not a judgment on my part, it’s the entirety goal the the contest. The about page says, “…the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest difficulties entrants to create opening sentence to the worst that all possible novels.” i’m not insulting them. Anyway right here are my faves

“As the dawn begin to break, Debby and Robert, your arms tightly wrapped about each other, watched in awe as the skies turned a excellent pinkish red together the sun’s light ray inched their method down the slopes the the craggy peaks the the Rocky Mountains, yet this to be Canada so the rays were centimetering their way down the slopes.” (Daniel Leyde)

“She had actually a deep, throaty laugh, favor the sound a dog makes right before it throws up.” (Janie Doohan)