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Glenn, your posts today and earlier in July interesting way go with each other to describe me and also many various other Texans. Ns say "smile" precisely as you describe with one syllable and also even though this is not precisely what girlfriend meant once you claimed "smile" can rhyme with "trial", the is how I to speak it, both with one syllable. The only exception is if I"m trying to think of what come say. Then either one might have 2, 3, maybe 4 syllables.

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Fittingly, in these regional dialects, smile would almost certainly be articulated as one rate .

In Gatlinburg, TN, my wife and I visited with a local about his bayer dog. She was a dark, brindle plott hound who hunted bear. "Bayer" bordered on or was fully two syllables.


I think one, but sounds choose two relying on the method you say it.

*To the person who offered the definition, ns think we all know what a smile is.


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I"m rereading Ron Luciano"s The Umpire Strikes Back. Luciano to be a agree football player who after his third injury uncovered umpiring baseball. He defines Emmett Ashford together "major organization baseball"s first black umpire....a wonderful showman and the just umpire I"ve ever before known qualified of transforming "ball" into a six-syllable word."

I add "comfortable" and "vegetable" to Glenn"s list. In the united state (though not in the UK), "vegetable" is pronounced with just three syllables, "VEHJ-teh-bl". We do "comfortable" in three, too: "CUMF-tr-bl". Keep in mind the movement of the "r" in the latter. Oh, and also "probably" is commonly "PRAHB-lee", though no always.

Anyway, I"m v the rest of girlfriend on "smile", and the same with "child", "lyre", "rowl" and "flour". Perform you check out the usual factor? In each case, an "r" or "l" complies with a dipthong finishing in "ee" or "oo". Supposedly our physiology is such the we virtually have to express those as different syllables.

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(A diphthong is a slide combinations of 2 vowel sounds, greatly "eye" and "ow" yet there are many others. In the word "sigh", the collection sound is actually two vowels, an "ah" sliding right into "ee". In "cow", the "ah" sound slides in the opposite direction, right into "oo". The most typical dipthongs slide towards "ee" or "oo". Physiologically "are" and also "ill" room diphthongs, too, whereby the beginning sound slides into the collection "r" and "l", but they"re not traditionally classed the way.)

"Buyer" and also "byre" room pronounced exactly the same, however one is classified as 2 syllables and also the various other as one. Exact same with "flower" and also "flour". At the other end, "dial" is 2 syllables yet "bile" is one; similarly "towel" and "jowl". The dictionaries may say those room one-syllable words, however in my opinion the only means to pronounce them for this reason is to quick the "ee" or "oo"; if you regulate "fire" as a one-syllable word, you"re more than likely from Georgia.

(I intended that together a joke, however for non-Yankees i should define that in the American south east (not just Georgia) the regional accent does indeed involve cut diphthongs short; "fire" sounds a little like "far", "oil" favor "ole" and also so forth.)