This post is not meant to mock the Chinese population of Trinidad &Tobago yet to show how ignorant the remainder of the populace was towards our Chinese brothers and also sisters. Indeed, as children, we mocked the Chinese shopkeeper, yes we did, and that to be wrong! However, this post simply points out the actions we displayed for that duration in time.

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At this point, we would favor to direct our readers to the NALIS portal that shows the immigration fads of the Chinese populace in Trinidad & Tobago. Attach here: Chinese arrival in Trinidad & Tobago.
"Ching Chong Macka Hi-Lo" may sound funny now yet as a child, growing up in Trinidad, we supplied this term to mock the Chinese shopkeeper or anyone of Chinese ancestry. Us did not know that this to be aderogatoryterm used against our oriental friends. Yes, they were and also are Trinidadians however we never ever saw them as such. As a result, the was said as a joke. In part circles, us were told the it supposed "yuh mudder cunt" - yes, offered to cuss in Chinese (we were so gullible as children). The course, us were "one hundred percent wrong"!
The hatchet Ching Chong has been provided in many locations of the globe to mimic Chinese dialogue. Ours ignorance has caused this abuse leading to the phrase ending up being an country slur in the many degrading manner.
As a child, we provided the term as a tease and also yes, the was an extremely childish and also a an extremely poor imitation that Chinese world having a conversation. After all these years (decades) no much has actually changed. Us still don"t see the Chinese as Trinidadians and also they space still mocked in the homeland. Maybe it is since they space not as integrated into the society as space the rest of the civilization in the homeland.
Whatever the reasons are we must desist from saying the phrase due to the fact that it is in truth as violation as utilizing "nigger" or "coolie". However, for this post, we simply took a look in ~ something that was and still is a truth of life in Trinidad... "Ching Chong Macka Hi-Lo" is offered to tease and also even humiliation our Chinese Trinidadian brothers and sisters.Some might say if it is therefore insulting climate why highlight it here? mine friends, this is an ext about the slang as it was used in Trinidad; one have the right to tell by the group that this article will reside... "Yuh is ah Trini". The article is not expected to humiliation anyone but is meant to take keep in mind of a certain time and also place years old currently - my childhood!
The Chinese additionally participated in Calypso in Trinidad & Tobago. We had actually Rex West and also Rex east both citizens were participants in the Calypso tents. We article a song by Rex West in assistance of this post.
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Actually, no really 'one hundreds percent wrong'. The 'macka hi' portion, once pronounced properly, is the obscene phrase as stated.Great blog you have actually going here. It really brought back memories of farming up in Trinidad.

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October 4, 2022 in ~ 12:48 AM

Hey say thanks to you for your comment... I tried come put into the short article my expertise of the phrase as I skilled it together a child... Ns don't also have a reservation if any type of of the has any bearing top top the Chinese language except that we provided it come tease... Wrong, however we were youngsters during that period.Once again thank you!
October 5, 2022 in ~ 4:17 PM

I live in Washington state, in the P.N.W. And I prospered up roughly very couple of Asian people. I don't think ns met who from oriental decent till high school... Anyway! We usage to speak this together children and also I was just reminded of it and was make the efforts to view if it expected anything... I figured that wasn't miscellaneous good. I discover it fascinating that it was provided by you cultivation up in Trinidad (I'm guessing around the same time. I was born in 1987.). I'm happy the civilization is working on becoming an ext aware that this directly up b.s. It renders me sick the as children we learned this hate and also said it and also sang that (while jumping rope) not even knowing what us were doing was so hateful. It makes me sad.