a word or group of words designating something, especially in a details field, as atom in physics, quietism in theology, adze in carpentry, or ar leader in politics.

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terms, problems with regard come payment, price, charge, rates, wages, etc.: reasonable terms. Problems or stipulations limiting what is proposed to be granted or done: the terms of a treaty. Footing or standing; relations: on great terms with someone.Obsolete. State, situation, or circumstances.
Algebra, Arithmetic. every of the members of i m sorry an expression, a collection of quantities, or the like, is composed, as among two or an ext parts of one algebraic expression. A mathematics expression the the type axp, axpyq, etc., wherein a, p, and also q space numbers and also x and also y room variables.
Logic. the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition. Words or expression denoting the topic or predicate of a categorical proposition.
Also called terminus. A figure, specifically of Terminus, in the kind of a herm, used by the ancient Romans as a border marker; terminal figure.
Law. an estate or attention in soil or the like, come be took pleasure in for a solved period. The duration of one estate. Every of the periods during which certain courts the law hold their sessions.
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bring to terms, to force to agree to stated demands or conditions; bring into submission: after ~ a long struggle, we lugged them come terms.
come to terms, to with an agreement; make an arrangement: to pertained to terms v a creditor. To end up being resigned or accustomed: to come to terms through one's life.

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in state of, v regard to; concerning: The publication offers nothing in regards to a satisfactory conclusion.

OTHER WORDS native term

termly, adverbhalf-term, nounin·ter·term, adjectivemis·term, verb (used with object)
tergite, tergiversate, tergum, Terhune, teriyaki, term, termagant, Terman, term day, termer, terminable
language, name, phrase, style, word, course, duration, phase, quarter, session, time, call, describe, dub, appellation, article, caption, denomination, designation, expression
a name, expression, or word provided for some specific thing, esp in a devoted field of knowledgea medical term
law an legacy or interest in land minimal to operation for a stated perioda ax of years the term of one estate, and so on (formerly) a period of time during which sessions of court of regulation were organized time permitted to a debtor to settle
maths one of two people of the expressions the proportion of i m sorry is a portion or proportion, any of the separate aspects of a sequence, or any type of of the separation, personal, instance addends of a polynomial or series
logic words or phrase that develops either the topic or property of a proposition a name or variable, as opposed to a predicate one of the relata the a relation any of the three topics or predicates arising in a syllogism
Also called: terminal, terminus, terminal figure architect a sculptured post, esp one in the form of an armless bust or an pet on the peak of a square pillar