’s new Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Concentration to resolve Region’s education Shortage

The university of Texas in ~ El Paso’s college of education will offer the only neonatal concentration and postgraduate certificate because that nurse practitioners in West Texas and new Mexico beginning in the feather 2022 semester. The Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) concentration in’s understand of science in Nursing regimen will address the an important shortage the neonatal nurse practitioners in the region.

* Showcases Teacher Pipeline development to education and learning Leaders from across the Nation

More 보다 150 K-12 and greater education leader from roughly the country traveled come West Texas to check out firsthand exactly how The university of Texas at El Paso and its local education partners have actually been able to implement a collection of efforts designed come ensure that brand-new teachers are prepared to satisfy the requirements of genuine classroom settings.

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Neuroscience culture Honors Professor with education Award

The culture for Neuroscience (SfN) freshly announced its choice of The college of Texas at El Paso’s Arshad M. Khan, Ph.D., combine professor in the room of organic Sciences, as among its two 2021 award for education in Neuroscience recipients.

* Research opens up Door to transformation in medicine Development

Chu-Young Kim, Ph.D., professor of chemistry and also biochemistry in ~ The college of Texas at El Paso, has solved a 30-year-old clinical riddle — a feat the is being documented in the latest edition of Science, one of the world’s most renowned scholastic journals. Kim’s study offers the an initial detailed look at the structure and role of one enzyme that produces polyketide natural products — compounds discovered within nature that room widely provided as human medicine.

* Hosts an initial Border fintech Conference

Whether it’s mobile banking, automated payments or buying and also selling cryptocurrency, fintech, or jae won technology, has actually disrupted the financial market by creating new and an ext efficient means for commercial establishments to provide financial solutions to consumers.

* receive $3M NSF give to improve STEM education and learning for hispanic Undergrads

A team of researchers at The university of Texas in ~ El Paso will boost the success that undergraduate spain students in STEM techniques through a $3 million provide from the national Science Foundation’s (NSF) enhancing Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving organizations Program.

Anthropologists honor’s Heyman because that Body the Work

The society for the sociology of phibìc America (SANA) announced that it vested The university of Texas in ~ El Paso’s Josiah Heyman, Ph.D., that 2021 Distinguished success Award in the critical Study of north America. This prize establish scholars v a history of research and also publications. university of Business administration Graduate students Receive internal Auditing education Partnership Awards

Graduate students in The university of Texas at El Paso’s university of Business management have been awarded financial help from the institute of interior Auditors (IIA) inner Auditing education Partnership (IAEP) regimen to take the Certified internal Auditor (CIA) exam, the only internationally recognized Certified interior Auditor certificate. associate Professor Named foreign Policy research Institute Templeton Fellow

Mengge Li, Ph.D., associate professor in ~ The university of Texas at El Paso’s university of company Administration, has been called a 2021 Templeton other in the Africa routine of the international Policy research Institute (FPRI). Professor called California Academy of scientific researches Fellow

Aaron Velasco, Ph.D., professor that geological scientific researches in the department of Earth, Environmental and also Resources scientific researches at The university of Texas at El Paso, was announced asone the 14 brand-new fellows that the California Academy that Sciences.

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TACES adds Graduate student to the Board

The Texas Association for Counselor Education and also Supervision (TACES) board of Directors called Zuzanna Gromulska the The university of Texas at El Paso as its graduate college student representative during the 2021-22 scholastic year.

Program picks Lecturer together Congressional Fellow

The American Political scientific research Association (APSA) freshly announced that its 2021-22 class of APSA-Sponsored congressional Fellows had The university of Texas at El Paso’s Olivia Garcia, Ph.D.