Which the the adhering to statements are true:a. Quantities received from issuing stock room revenuesb. Quantities paid out together dividends room not expensesc. Quantities paid out together dividends space reported ~ above the earnings statement d. Amounts received indigenous issued stock room reported on the income statement

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Which of the following financial statements is came to with the agency at a suggest in time?a. Balance sheetb. Earnings statementc. Retained revenue statement d. Explain of cash flows
The right to receive money later is referred to as a(n)a. Account payableb. Revenuec. Liabilityd. Accounts receivable
Issuing shares of stock in exchange because that cash is an example of a(n)a. Moving activityb. Investing activity c. Jae won activityd. Operating activity
The statement of cash flows would disclose the payment that a dividend a. I do not have anything on the statement b. In the operating activities sections c. In the investing activities sectiond. In the financing activities section
Ending retained income for a period is same to beginninga. Retained revenue + Net earnings + Dividendsb. Retained income - Net income - Dividendsc. Retained revenue + Net income - Dividendsd. Retained revenue - Net revenue + Dividends
Notes come the financial statements statements a. Space optionalb. Aid clarify info presented in the financial statements c. Room generally brief and few in numbersd. Require not be check out in information if one unqualified opinion accompanies for financial statements
If full liabilities lessened by $75,000 and also stockholder;s equity enhanced by $25,000 during a period of time, then complete assets must adjust by what amount and direction throughout that same period?a. 100,000 rise b. 50,000 decreasec. 50,000 boost d. 75,000 decrease
Ashley"s Accessory Shop began the year with full assets of 140,000 and also total liabilities of 80,000. During the year of service recorded 220,000 in revenues, 110,000 in costs , and dividends the 40,000. Stockholder"s same at the end of the year wasa. 120,000b. 110,000c. 130,000d. 70,000




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