define the life the the shepherd invites his love to share v him. How will they be dressed? how will they invest their time?
The speaker envisions a life that carefree pleasure. He will make his love a cap of flowers, a gown that the best wool, inside wall slippers v gold buckles and also a straw belt through coral and amber.

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explain the attitudes of the shepherd in “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” towards love and also toward the future. Assistance your concepts with reference to the poem.
Answers will vary. Students could describe the perspective of the shepherd towards love as romantic, idealistic, or seductive, noting the he a. Assures the beloved numerous gifts, plenty of of i m sorry are extremely fanciful and also exaggerated.

b. Makes living through him sound idyllic. In addition, students might describe the shepherd’s perspective toward the future together impatient, indifferent, or unrealistic noting that his plea a. Imagines that there is no tomorrow. B. Is idealistic and fanciful. C. Imagines that he and his love will live happily ever before after without complication. Other answers must be supported with ideal reference to the poem.
What reasons are there in modern-day life to feeling idealistic about romantic love, and also what reasons are there to feel cynical about it? explain your ideas.



A factor to feel idealistic about romantic love in modern life is the love is the many profound emotion well-known to person beings. For most people, romantic relationships room the many meaningful facet in your lives
In pastoral creating the harsh realities of nation life execute not exist. I m sorry details that the poem seem distinctly idealistic? What realistic, gritty details of a shepherd’s life deserve to you imagine?
The endlessly summer weather, the couple’s unfettered time and their capacity to buy jewel seem unrealistic. No mention is do of hard work, hazards and also lonely life that a shepherd.

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In “The Nymph’s answer to the Shepherd,” the nymph argues that all the things the shepherd has readily available her are
What is the best summary of this stanza:

The flowers carry out fade, and wanton fieldsTo wayward winter reckoning yields:A love husband tongue, a heart of gall,Is fancy’s spring, but sorrow’s Fall.

In the critical stanza that “The Nymph’s answer to the Shepherd,” the nymph shows that she wishes
The images in “The Nymph’s reply to the Shepherd” are common of a pastoral in that they are
The speaker in “The Nymph’s reply to the Shepherd” regards the shepherd’s promised pleasures together being —
words pastoral, relenten a sort of poem about country life, comes from the Latin word definition —
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