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Genre: Action, 3D communication Developer: Lucas arts Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: April 8, 2022

At the end, as soon as you defeat Vader you deserve to do 2 different endings. One is when you loss the emperor and one is once you complete off Vader. This happens right when its the cut scene as soon as you have to decide to save your girlfriend or become partners through the emperor.

1> Raxus PrimeIt"s ar is on the cliff overlooking thetemple. The hilt will certainly be top top the wall on theopposite next of the glass dashboard on the cliff,hanging above and alongside the little cave with hpinside of it. To acquire up there just pressure hold apiece of junk near it and also use that to help you jumpto the hilt.2> psychological of InsightOnce you enter the temple, whereby you can breakthe big statue, and also defeat a particular amount ofstormtroopers, look at behind the fallen shaft tothe west, friend will find it lie on the ground.3> FeluciaThe very first time friend visit Felucia. In the largearea whereby you hit the two rancors over there willbe violet fungus ~ above the wall next to the leave onthe opposite side of the gates to the fungustunnels. Come the ideal side that the entrance therewill it is in a fungus making a ledge, on top of thisledge is among the irradiate saber hilts.4> Nar ShaddaaIt"s in among the routes on an arch and you haveto run to get it5> KashyyykStill need info on this one!6> Dark FeluciaAlso the one the you gain the second time friend goto Felucia. ~ you"ve perfect the bull rancorbattle.7> imperial Raxus PrimeIt is on a ledge right over the entrance of theroom wherein you hit the AT-ST. To obtain up thereyou destroy the computer counsels in prior of theexit and also two inactive AT-ST"s will certainly self destruct.Jump ~ above the north harness"s and also jump into thetrap door in the ceiling (there should also be aother item up over there if friend haven"t alreadycollected them. ) and also from up over there walk under towhere you very first entered the room. You have to beable to run to the ledge indigenous there.8> Cloud CityIn the start there"s a ledge external a windowyou have the right to go onto the ledge and get a hilt ns thinkit"s the 2nd or 3rd ledge9> fatality StarI think it"s ~ the very first bridge whereby theDeath Star fires it"s key gun. After friend passthe leg there are two doors that you have touse the pressure to open, one in front of you, andone to her left, it"s the one in prior of you.Another one is ~ above Cloud city, it"s around wherethe men on jet-packs come, if friend break some ofthe home windows in the area, you have the right to jump the end onto aledge where one more one is.

When you go to the jedi holy place for the critical time as soon as go inside, walk to your right and turn around then you view it.

It is whereby you hit the second at-st top top Kashyyyk that is in among the towers the you can knock down it is come the eastern of the door you walk v it will fall down once you knock the down.

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