is an online platform that helps families and also individuals discover caregivers to assist in tasks or with managed living. V, people can find services for an elderly care, disability care, child care, tutoring, pets care, housekeeping, and also more.

Members can select to have a simple account which has minimal features but is cost-free to use. Or, they deserve to enroll in the Premium subscription version which allows users to see profiles, reviews, references, and also contact information. If you have an account with the you need to cancel, follow the actions as outlined below.

Cancel your Account Online

In the height right corner of the screen, select "Log In."

Sign in to her account through your email deal with and password.

On the house screen, select "My" in the optimal right corner.

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Select "Account and Settings."

Next, scroll down to the "Membership Information" section and select "Close Account."

You will be asked if you want to store your membership. Skip this by selecting "No thanks, cancel my membership."

Next, out of the drop-down perform of options, choose the most appropriate reason as to why you"re closing your account.

Select "Continue."

You will receive an e-mail confirming your account closure.

Email customer Service

If you"re having trouble canceling online, you deserve to email right into"s customer assistance team. Note that might not procedure your request for one account cancellation with email. But, you can send in your troubleshooting issues and also they have the right to respond with tips on just how to get around your digital difficulties. Make sure to provide as plenty of details together possible, consisting of screenshots, therefore they can help you properly.

Call client Service

If you"re having obstacles closing your account online, you can speak to into"s customer support line. Girlfriend will need to carry out some an individual details to confirm your identity as the account owner. The customer business representative will close her account on your behalf. Make certain to be firm in your decision come leave even if they sell you factors to stay.

Ask the customer company agent come send you an e-mail confirming the account closure. Keep the certified dealer on the phone until you obtain the email and also can evaluation its details.


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