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Answer: 1. A) canaliculi Explanation; little canal (canaliculi) radiate indigenous the lacunae come the osteonic (haversian) canal to carry out passageways through the hard matrix. 2. B) Parathyroid (PTH)…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: 1) small canals that connect osteocytes in their lacunae come the main canal are recognized as A) canaliculi B) perforating (Volkmann's) canals C) main (Haversian) canals D) perforating (Sharpey's) yarn 2) Bone-destroying cells known as osteoclasts room activated through the hormone A) calcitonin B) parathyroid hormone (PTH) C) insulin D) expansion hormone 3) an incomplete bone break, recognized as a(n) fracture, is commonly seen in children. A) spiral B) greenstick C) affected D) comminuted 4) The temporal bones space joined through the parietal bones at the sutures. A) coronal B) sagittal C) squamous D) lambdoid 5) The head of the humerus fits into the that the scapula. A) acromion process B) glenoid cavity C) suprascapula notch D) coracoid procedure 6) The femur, tibia, humerus, and radius are all classified together A) compact skeleton B) irregular skeleton c) flat bones D) lengthy bones E) sesamold skeletal 7) What form of organization covers the epiphysis the bones and also reduces friction in the joints? A) yellow marrow B) endosteum C) spongy bone D) periosteum E) articular cartilage 8) The bone cells the respond come parathyroid hormone (PTH) to destroy bone matrix and release calcium right into the blood are dubbed A) osteocytes B) chondrocytes C) erythrocytes D) osteoclasts E) osteoblasts 9) The axial skeleton has 1. Skull 2. Scapula 3. True and also false ribs 4. Vertebrae 5. Phalanges A) 1,3,4,5 B) 1, 3,4 C) 2,5 D) 2, 3, 4, 5 E) 1, 2, 3,5 10) The suture located anteriorly in between the parietal bones and also occipital bone is the A) squamous suture B) lambdoid suture C) sagittal suture D) coronal suture E) both the squamous suture and the sagittal suture 11) The atlas is the A) last lumbar vertebra B) very first thoracic vertebra C) part of the sacrum D) second cervical vertebra E) first cervical vertebra 12) because that intramembranous ossification to take place, which of the adhering to is necessary? A) A bone collar forms about the cartilage model. B) Ossification centers type in the fibrous connective tissue membrane. C) The cartilage matrix starts to deteriorate. D) A medullary cavity forms. 13) Ossification (Osteogenesis) is the procedure of A) making a cartilage design of the fetal bone B) bone damage to liberate calcium C) bone development D) making collagen fibers for calcified cartilage 14) What tissue creates the version for endochondrial ossification? A) cartilage B) fibrous membrane C) fascia D) bone