You have the right to still visit few of your favourite chains this Christmas. Hrs vary through location and also some close beforehand for the holiday, for this reason it"s best to speak to ahead before arriving with an empty stomach.


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(CNN) -- walk dinner slip your mind in the midst of Christmas prep? Forget to choose up milk and also cookies because that Santa? great news -- you deserve to still visit several of your favorite chains this Christmas.

Hours differ by location and some close early on for the holiday, therefore it"s best to speak to ahead before getting here with an empty stomach.

And while you"re at it, don"t forget to dispense some holiday cheer through employees and also say thanks!

CVS -- examine hours ahead of time, many pharmacies closed

Denny"s -- open up 24 hours

Dunkin" -- hrs vary

IHOP -- hrs vary

Starbucks -- hours vary

Waffle House -- open 24 hours

Walgreens -- open continual hours, pharmacies count on location

Wawa -- most regular hours





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