Resonance structures of PO43- ion have the right to be drawn by using lewis structure of phosphate ion. 4 stable resonance structures have the right to be drawn for PO43- ion. These resonance frameworks are used to build resonance hybrid.

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Lewis framework of phosphate ion (PO43-)


Lewis structure of PO43- ion is important due to the fact that it is forced to draw resonance frameworks of phosphate ion.

Resonance structures of PO43- ion

Let"s attract four stable four resonance structures for the phosphate anion (NO3-).


Lone pairs, charges and also bonds that PO43- ion

When we draw resonance structures, we convert lone bag to bonds and also bonds to lone pairs when it is possible. As soon as we carry out this, you must be cautious to safeguard stability that ion, octal rule.

In lewis structure of PO43- ion, there are three lone bag (in the last shell) in three oxygen atoms and also that oxygen atoms. Also, those oxygen atoms have actually a -1 fee on every atoms.

There is one more oxygen atom. The oxygen atom is linked to the phosphorous atom through a double bond has actually two lone bag in its critical shell. Also, over there is no fee in the oxygen atom.

On phosphorous atom, there space no lone pair or a charge.

Steps to attract resonance frameworks for PO43-

You can convert a lone pair the one oxygen atom which currently has 3 lone pairs to do a bond through phosphorous atom. V that, full electrons roughly phosphorous atom is going to be twelve. The is not a problem because phosphorous have the right to keep much more than eight electrons in the valence covering (phosphorous has 3d orbitals which aid to keep much more than eight electrons).


With the electron transferring, variety of bonds roughly the phosphorous atom come to be 6. Phosphorous atom gains -1 charge. Therefore, this is no a finest resonance structure because oxygen should get the an unfavorable charges (electronegativity that oxygen is greater than phosphorous).

To acquire a secure resonance structure, convert a shortcut of former double bond together in the figure.

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Now, phosphorous execute not have a charge and three oxygen atom has actually charges. As like this, us can transform lone bag to bonds and also vice versa to attract four resonance structures of phosphate ion.

Four resonance structure of PO43-

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