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Hi, might anyone please educate me what MPG I have the right to expect from 2005 Altima 3.5L V6 SE in average? thanks in advance

i obtain 24-26 combined driving.... I get on it when i gain a possibility or feel like it.. But easy driving many of the time
lowest i have ever seen was 26.5 mpg the was right prior to I had to delivery the car and I needed to burn off fifty percent a tank, therefore pretty much foot to the floor in ~ every eco-friendly lighton average I get 29-31 you deserve to do better if you yes, really milk itper tank its anywhere from 500-520 16-17galabout 70/30 highway/city
lowest i get is 15.4 city. And also thats cause.. Well i think you understand why.
highway.. Going about 65-70mph steady, flat road, 28-30mpg. Blended city/highway like 22-25mpg, and also city about 19-21mpg... Granted those numbers are implying ns am not gunning the onto highways, and just about everywhere rather possible.damn i love mine car.
i acquire 17ish mpg city and 21-23 highway.. Combined is around 20.dont know how the above people are getting their figures...some are far better than 2.5 MPG"s.
lowest i have ever before seen to be 26.5 mpg that was right prior to I had to delivery the car and I needed to burn off fifty percent a tank, therefore pretty much foot come the floor at every environment-friendly lighton average I acquire 29-31 you have the right to do better if you really milk itper tank its almost everywhere from 500-520 16-17galabout 70/30 highway/city
500-520 on a single tank??!If that"s actually true, that"s great.I get around 21-24 with blended city/highway. I acquire no where near 500+ miles per tank. I"m happy if ns break 400 and also I actually pay fist on every fill-up through gas prices the way they are.
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i obtain 17ish mpg city and also 21-23 highway.. Combined is around 20.dont know exactly how the over people are gaining their figures...some are better than 2.5 MPG"s.
yeah, some of these space pretty outrageous. I"m quite damn simple on the throttle and also never get an ext than 28mpg. I"m lucky if i can obtain 30mpg through 100% driving.

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Car: 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S Automatic...bone stock because that now.Blog: Myspace: Work:
They forgot to include they have a bunch that midgets pushing the vehicle up hills all over they go. And also a hamster top top a wheel in the engine bay.:weightlift:If you mod your vehicle the gas milage appears to additionally go down due to the fact that of heavy right foot syndrome.16.5 difficult driving 18 straightforward driving city22.5 highway have seen 28 miles if on a level road, highway speed and also resetting digital guage at speed.:shift:
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