My ex-girlfriend provided to support a vibrating, seven-inch dildo up my ass when she blew me. (Quickly, this advanced into full-on pegging, i.e., penetrating me with a strap-on dildo.) She said I looked like I was having actually an exorcism once I lastly came. Mine eyes would certainly roll to the ago of mine head. I’d start involuntarily convulsing. That felt incredible. When I came v the dildo inside me (from obtaining pegged or if she was just using it manually), mine orgasms weren’t localized to my genitalia; I’d obtain a lightning sensation from my head to mine toes. Much more similar, I’d imagine, to just how women suffer orgasms.

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When i told mine friends, they to be flabbergasted, speak they’d never let their girlfriends tear up your backside and/or peg them. Call me selfish, yet I’m walking to perform what feels the most pleasurable during sex. Having something in mine behind, massaging the pleasure-centric prostate, is how I have the many intense orgasms. For this reason by God, there’s walking to it is in something up my ass.

I’m no alone in mine desire to experience the most pleasure possible. Many of other guys are asking your female partners to peg them. They recognize in 2020, we have the right to have any kind of sex we damn well please.

“Many guys like acquiring pegged since anal play can stimulate the prostate, a gland located in in between the bladder and rectum,” explains Cory B., kink coach, sex educator, and also co-host that the podcast Never have actually I Ever. “This gland is really sensitive, and also when created in the appropriate way, it have the right to feel really pleasurable, even resulting in an orgasm.”

Cory notes that part men additionally like obtaining pegged since there’s a taboo roughly it. “Additionally, some males like the feeling of receiving sexually (i.e., emotion filled), the vulnerability the requires, or the emotion of being submissive if over there is likewise a power exchange involved.”

When plenty of men find they enjoy anal play, they fear that this could be an indicator the they space gay or bi. “But this merely isn’t true,” Cory says. “Enjoying gift penetrated just way that you enjoy being penetrated. It has nothing to execute with sex-related orientation.”

To help you know why some guys enjoy pegging therefore much, us spoke to 6 men; every of whom defined why castle love gaining pegged. Four of these males wished to continue to be anonymous, where two really wanted to usage their genuine names. So go ahead, have at them.

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“Phillip” (29)

Been pegged about 30 time by three various women

What is it you like around being pegged?

I love everything around getting pegged: the sensations, both the large of agree the dildo and the rhythmic press massaging the prostate, the role reversal and power play elements of it, the amazing orgasms that nearly always companion the activity, the look at of extreme joy on mine partner’s face.

How walk it differ from more "traditional” sex?

A most ways. Perhaps, many importantly, no one of my pegging partners have actually orgasmed straight from pegging me, also though most have really took pleasure in the activity. Second, the dildo is no an organ, and also will never replace the amazing feelings the come indigenous having timeless sex v women. I likewise enjoy giving her one orgasm, i beg your pardon is why pegging is simply one component of a healthy and balanced sex life.

How execute women commonly respond once you ask them to peg you?

My experiences have run the gamut. Mine worst suffer was once I unintentionally voiced my attention in being pegged come coworkers in the military... Suffice come say, that did no go an extremely well. Second, it take it me a while to voice mine desire to gain pegged by my ex-wife, and also I at some point realized she had actually no interest.

On the other hand, mine two many recent partners have been really open come it because that their very own desires. Because that myself, I understand that pegging is a an essential component that my sexual expression. There is no it, i can"t watch myself date someone long-term.

“John” (35)

Been pegged around 75 times by 15 different women

What is it friend like about being pegged?

A entirety lot! for one, far better orgasms. I would certainly say the difference between a ‘normal’ intercourse orgasm and also the ones indigenous pegging is three times. Ns can gain a complete body orgasm and occasionally lot of ones. The feels type of choose the orgasm is blocked off somewhere close to the perineum and then spills end in tiny bits till it explodes right into the huge one. Second, that feels quite to be filled. I know that women regularly report this, several of my gay mates do to, so ns guess the is the ideal expression. Third, it’s much an ext emotionally intense. I’m not certain if it has something to carry out with emotions gift allegedly linked to the intestine, yet it feels favor I’m getting my feelings fucked, in the best possible way. And also lastly, it’s merely nice to no be the ‘active’ companion for a change. Ninety percent of mine sex is quiet pretty ‘classic’ where I regulate the action, so selection is absolutely a aspect here.

How else would you say it differs from much more “traditional” sex?

I would actually argue the it doesn’t. Ns think pegging needs to it is in freed native its connotations with degradation and also dominance play. Pegging can be rough and domineering, but it can additionally be loving and also sensual. The only distinction is that world need to it is in okay through ignoring gender-based ideas of what ‘right’ sex is. If you favor pleasure, you’ll favor pegging. An easy as that.

“Simon” (36)

Been pegged 15 time by one woman

What is it the you like around pegged?

I love the intimacy and openness it provides for myself and my wife. It permits a various power dynamic whereby she it s okay to be in control of ours pleasure.

How walk it differ from much more "traditional” sex?

For me, I obtain really an excellent feels off of a prostate massage, and a lot deeper and intense orgasm.

What was your wife’s response when you asked she to peg you?

It took my wife six years come come around to the idea. Now she yes, really enjoys it, however it to be a long time coming. The is together a freeing feeling to come clean come the mrs I have shared all of my adult life with. We have actually been together for 19 years, married for 16, and pegging for just a couple of months. I’ve desired it for around the critical decade. Finally!

“Charles” (34)

Been pegged about 10 times by three various women

What is it that you like around pegged?

It feeling great! I reap being submissive. I reap the thought of emotion what it’s prefer to be a women. As with when a females gets wet, guys do too. I would certainly ride a ladies that has actually the right dildo strap on and it’s renders me pre-cum a lot. Through every thrust, i feel one orgasm brewing, and also eventually, I carry out climax.

How does it differ from an ext "traditional” sex?

It’s completely different. You space not the one through the power. Having actually a female tell me how she’s gonna permeate me transforms me on.

How carry out women respond once you asking them come peg you?

I’ve never ever actually carried it approximately a woman. I let them do it. I an initial found who at a pegging class. I likewise met a woman in a chat about it; the various other woman was her friend. I will tell you the the 3 women I’ve been v really gain off top top it and also are an extremely much into it. There’s likewise one woman who also climaxes once she pegs me!


Dominus Eros (38)

Been pegged “lots.” Fifty time in the past year alone by 3 women and one sex non-conforming individual. Teaches a pegging 101 course for Pagan’s Paradise.

What is it the you like around pegged?

As a penis-owner, it enables me to feel pleasure internally. I feel more in song with my prostate together well.

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How does it differ from more "traditional” sex?

For me, it doesn"t. Ns feel sex needs both vulnerability and also generosity at the exact same time. Energy and also power dynamics deserve to exchange nevertheless of who is gift penetrated in terms of who feels prefer the human in charge. I have actually for sure topped indigenous the bottom. Sex should likewise be about mutual pleasure, i m sorry this plot is. It simply uses various tools.

Daniel Saynt (35)

Been pegged a “handful the times” by three women.

What is it the you like about getting pegged?

I reap the duty reversal. I choose the emotion of gift the submissive or the penetrated. Yes, the feels amazing and you certainly orgasm more—that"s a given—but there"s likewise something satisfying around having a woman be more of the aggressor. There"s absolutely a power play.

How does it different from an ext "traditional” sex?

More prep job-related beforehand together you need to be prepared for it. Ns think it"s a finish opposite that what "traditional” sex is. You"re being penetrated. It have the right to be a complete mind-fuck for some men. It"s pulling you totally out of your norm. If you"re brand-new to it, there will certainly be pain, and also you could not favor it at first. I feel those space two declaration that part women use to define their first time having actually sex. You discover to empathize, and I think gaining pegged do me an ext aware of just how I have actually sex.

How have actually women responded to her pegging desires?

The very first woman who pegged me in my 20s to be a serious partner, and also she inquiry me come promise her that i wouldn’t end up being gay after. I can feel she wasn"t right into it, and also it make the suffer uncomfortable. I came out as bisexual a few years later, and also we eventually damaged up.

My second pegging partner was all about it and really supportive. That"s as soon as I first was able come come native the experience. Having actually someone who desires to experience it through you is constantly best. As pegging has become much more common, there have actually been a great amount of ladies who have actually asked come peg me. There"s an ext social acceptance.