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Hey guys, and also girls,Had a code that claimed the Oxygen sensor was bad. I just replaced both upstream O2 sensors. How do i reset the examine engine irradiate WITHOUT going to the dealer, or having a computer, or reader, etc. Etc....??? If the ligght comes ago on soon, climate I"ll acquire some more help.Thank you in advance."06 Wrangler limitless (LJ)4" lift on 33"s
I now have a password reader, expense was much less than $30. Before I had the code reader, I just disconnected the battery for a couple of minutes.
:welcome:to the forum.You have the right to disconnect the an adverse battery cable because that a few minutes, action on the brake pedal and then reconnect it. That will certainly clear codes, but if you were to affix it come a code reader that will show codes pending. As soon as the device makes every the checks of sensors, EVAP system, etc. And also they every come back an excellent there will certainly be no pending codes, and also everything is GTG.
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Pick increase an ODB2 password reader. You can gain one for under $70 that will certainly reset codes and also give you straightforward codes.On a TJ come reset, you must turn the an essential to ~ above (engine not running) use the device to reset the code, revolve the key off then ago on.
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I opted because that a password reader that was about $90.I acquired that one native Harbor Freight because it reads, resets and shows live data (which can be beneficial some day).I understand the odometer on mine will certainly display active code numbers, yet not having actually to lend a leader to reset a trivial code has been a significant bless! worth every coin spent. Best tool in mine box!!
*"s no as an intricate as few of the pricey ones, however I"ve supplied this

My inspect engine on my "01 has actually been on due to the fact that I to buy it. It confirmed the password P0456 (small evap leak). Ns unplugged mine battery when I changed my starter (stayed unplugged a couple of days cause NAPA had actually to bespeak it) and since plugging my battery back in my examine engine light has been off for over a week now. *knocks ~ above wood*
Thanks everyone. I unhooked the hopeful battery cable for a minute or for this reason yesterday. I"ve just driven it about 4 mile since. We"ll view ...Thanks again.

Thanks everyone. Ns unhooked the confident battery cable for a minute or so yesterday. I"ve just driven it about 4 miles since. We"ll check out ...Thanks again.
That"s the easiest means to do it and IF you didn"t deal with the problem, it will come ago within 48 hours. Miles thrust doesn"t matter.
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Well... The light"s back on. Stopped by Autozone to gain the code(s)...P2098 article Catalyst Fuel Trim system Too Lean financial institution 2P2098 short article Catalyst Fuel Trim mechanism Too Lean financial institution 2Then he traction up a page that gives me feasible reasons... I watch or hear any exhaust leaks. I put a can of Sea Foam in because that the possible "fuel contamination"... I just replaced the 2 upstream O2 sensors, should I simply go ahead and also replace the 2 downstream together well? Or is it a computer problem?Thanks guys
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Ok... For this reason if it"s the mini cat, RockAuto has actually them for $281 plus around another $50 because that the O2 sensors. Is this something i should try myself, or is this an exhaust shop job?
Let"s readjust it up a bit.... What about eliminating the catalytic converters. There are 2 min cats and also a larger one down stream, correct? any type of thoughts? If ns did that, what carry out you do about the cursed computer and check engine light? If the space no O2 sensors, the computer is searching for them...Any recommendations? Names and $$$??
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I started acquiring O2 codes first part the December. Fuel pump passed away in the middle of January! changed fuel pump. No more O2 codes!
Well... The light"s earlier on. Quit by Autozone to get the code(s)...P2098 article Catalyst Fuel Trim mechanism Too Lean bank 2P2098 short article Catalyst Fuel Trim device Too Lean bank 2Then he traction up a web page that gives me possible reasons... I view or hear any kind of exhaust leaks. I placed a deserve to of Sea Foam in because that the possible "fuel contamination"... I just replaced the 2 upstream O2 sensors, need to I just go ahead and also replace the 2 downstream as well? Or is that a computer problem?Thanks guys
If you"re getting lean codes, check for any type of intake vacuum leaks, low fuel pressure could additionally cause skinny conditions.

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