My camshaft sensor on my cary 2001 v6 version is bad and also I am where there is no mechanic, so I want to execute it my self pls send me a guide on exactly how to go around this

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Hello, Here is a guide to aid walk you v the steps of the repair through diagrams to display you top top your vehicle below. Torque is 71 in. Lbs. the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to acquire the difficulty fixed.

Camshaft position Sensor


REPLACEMENT 1.REMOVE CAMSHAFT position SENSORa.Disconnect the sensor connector. B.Remove the bolt and also sensor.2.REINSTALL CAMSHAFT position SENSORa.Install the sensor v the bolt. Torque: 9.5 N.m (97, 84 in.lbf) b.Connect the sensor connector.

Camshaft place sensor circuit low financial institution 1 circuit 2? changed the sensor and also still getting the code. Can you assist me?
Just due to the fact that it offers that password doesn"t average that is the problem. What is the code given likewise check connectors for negative connection
i have readjusted the belts, water pump, and also it is no running properly, while trying to accelerate it feels like I am sit still and also engine does rev. I had put a tester and said it to be camshaft sensor code p03040. Where is it situated so i can acquire it out to replace or view if its simply disconnected.
there is no password p03040 i am wonder if it may be password P0304 - Cylinder #4 Misfire, if so check ignition lead, cracked distributor cap, faulty injector faulty spark plug, short compression.
having trouble through my 1996 Camry, ns am hearing conflict stories. Part folks say that the 96 Camry does have a CPS depending on what engine size and model engine. Rather say that it does have actually one yet it is no a stand alone unit and also it is one with the distributor. Finally some speak it is ~ above the side where the belts and also pulleys are located. Anyone, anybody have actually insight or prior endure working or dealing with this problem? code is P0340. Really, I simply need to know if it has a was standing alone CPS, if so, where is the located? If that is or if that is"nt tied together with the distributor?Thanks, JC
for future reference the abbreviation for a electronic came sensor is CMP. I had no idea what you to be talking about until I experienced the password number.Your automobile does have one. That is in the distributor.
Okay, thank you. I"ve called the components houses and also they it seems to be ~ to it is in trying to sell me a was standing alone video camer Shaft Sensor for about $80ish or so. So once I speak to the parts residence do ns ask for a new distributor and it have to come v a video camer Shaft Sensor or ask because that a brand-new Cam tower Sensor?
also I have a password for P0505 (Idle waiting Control?) would it be possible that among these codes add to the various other making the check Engine irradiate illuminate? Or space they not related in any type of way? -JC
i would usage a reman distributor. The entirety distributor would need to be disassembled to gain that sensor out together the shaft passes through it.
Engine mechanical problem1996 Toyota Camry 4 cyl two Wheel drive Automatic 189k milesI to be told that the camer sensor on my camry is bad. I purchased a brand-new one and I am having actually an problem locating the in the car. I was said it to be behind the firewall ~ above the passenger side and I tho cant find it. I have actually a manuel because that the camry however the only thing in over there on the sensor is because that v6 and I have actually a 4. Please assist as shortly as possible. I need this worry resolved quickly. I have actually a 1 year old that is always with me and I would certainly not want the car breaking down with her in it. Give thanks to youMichele
2.2L engine has no cam sensor just crankshaft. What is problem? inspect engine irradiate on?Camshaft sensor used on 97 examine your date of manufacture
The automobile is running rough, we replaced every little thing we deserve to think of and reset the computer that and also light is tho ok. Us took it to a garage and the man says the it is the electronic came sensor the it is prepared off. The car takes a while to choose up speed when I am accelorating from a avoid light or at any kind of time for the matter. Ns pretty much floor the pedal and it is going choose 20 mph. That is a 96 camry still so ns dont recognize why it would say the the camshaft sensor is the worry when it doesnt have actually one? Please assist
What has been replaced? Fuel push checked? CAT confirm for blockage? Coil calculation ie. Quite blue/white spark
Michelle, ns Seem to be having actually a problem with my camshaft sensor on mine 1996 Toyota Camry as well. What ever came of yours? Did girlfriend ever find out whereby the sensor to be located?-JC

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1996 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 203,000 milesHelp! I'm in a instance that nobody seems to know solution to. My wife has a 1996 Camry through a examine engine light on. The light signifies the the camshaft place sensor is faulty. However, after several inspections by various mechanics and even a local community college auto technician program, we've been told that the existing engine in our Camry go NOT have actually a camshaft place sensor and also there is no systems to the problem. Evidently, engines to be swapped out by a previous owner that the vehicle. Ours Camry's computer is trying to find the camshaft position sensor, yet there is no sensor to be accounted for. What type of remedies are over there to this problem? to be the previous mechanics right about there gift no solution to the problem? Is it feasible to install the sensor. Or have the right to the problem be bypassed within the car's computer? I've identified the engine together a 5A-FE engine. Originally, follow to the VIN and also after cross-referencing through Toyota's website, there to be a 3MZ-FE engine in the car. Where can I walk to discover out the OEM part number for the particular computer that synchronizes with a 5A-FE engine? space there several different kinds of computer systems that might go through that specific engine? many thanks