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I have a JCHiggins version 20 that i inherited from mine dad. That is at least 65 year old and also hasn"t to be fired in at least the past 45-50 years. I am no interested in any kind of approximate value, as I do NOT intended to component with this gun. However, i am in search of manuals and also any other pertinent information that will aid me better understand what the is ns have and also how I can properly maintain it. Ns intend to have actually the pistol looked end by a standard gunsmith, and also assuming that receives a clean bill of health, i would favor to start shooting it. I noticed in some previous posts where folks had actually mentioned number such as 583.2002 or whatever. Mine has 583.53 stamped top top the barrel. What is this number? What does it mean? any information will certainly be significantly appreciated.
I have a JCHiggins version 20 that ns inherited from mine dad. The is at the very least 65 year old and hasn"t to be fired in at least the previous 45-50 years. Ns am no interested in any kind of kind of approximate value, as I perform NOT intend to part with this gun. However, i am searching for manuals and also any various other pertinent info that will aid me much better understand what it is i have and also how I have the right to properly keep it. I intend to have the total looked over by a qualified gunsmith, and also assuming the receives a clean invoice of health, i would like to begin shooting it.I noticed in some previous short articles where folks had actually mentioned number such together 583.2002 or whatever. Mine has 583.53 stamped on the barrel. What is this number? What does it mean? any type of information will certainly be considerably appreciated.

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fyrfytr, actually it is no a design 20, the is the boring *****. The #583.-- is the model. I have one that was inherited from mine grandfather. It is a version 583.6. A pretty 26" , complete choke bbl. Tho shoot this one every now and then just because. I gain to jogg my storage of some great times v my gandpa.Enjoy the gun.bp

This short article from Gunbroker may have actually a bit of details for you. ... =381494245

J.C. Higgins pump shotguns of the 1940"s and also 50"s were actually made by the High traditional Company, and also in the 12 gauge models, were a solid, sturdy, and high quality shotgun. Numerous of them have actually a choke machine called the "Power Pac", i m sorry was essentially just a Cutts Compensator turn backwards. They offer for about $100 to $150 depending upon the market and also condition. Together old as your gun is the odds room it was a 12 gauge bought through through the Sears and also Roebuck catalog.The 12 gauge guns have a tendency to rest the slide handle, and also if girlfriend can uncover a gunsmith who deserve to weld lock back, climate let me understand his name because I cannot. The preventative because that this is to remove the extra spring in the fore end assembly that was to plan to assist the slide in comes back, saying constant prayers, and also not slam firing and trying come go basic on pump the gun. The 12 gauge firearms are really very simple to take it apart. The barrels room not removable. Consult some youtube videos and you can easily take your shotgun down and also put it earlier together in only a few minutes. Sears and also High typical "Flite King" marked guns room all the same except for young details such as that assist spring in the early on guns the "helped" to push the slide back. These space for 12 gauge firearms only. I perform NOT recommend ANYBODY but BLADESWITCHER taking APART A 20 GAUGE HIGH traditional SHOTGUN!!!.

The 20 gauge models look the same, however are entirely different internally. The 20 gauges to be made with around the cheapest and flimsiest interior parts that I understand of within of a shotgun, however so lengthy as the work, they are a delight to shoot and also own.Have a gunsmith examine your gun, but if it"s tight and locks up together it should, it"s safe to shoot with any type of lead 2 3/4 inch shell. The 12 gauges are really well made old guns, and also I store one together my walk to "farm gun". If it ever breaks I"ll simply get one more one.We"ve discussed these old smokepoles here before. No bottom feeding shotgun addict"s accumulation of old shotguns is ever finish without a High conventional 12 gauge and 20 gauge. Whether they say Sears or High Standard, they are many fun come own and also shoot.viewtopic.php?f=2&t=358363There"s even a web page devoted to the old High Standards. Reap browsing.
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