Solution:- variety of atoms that tungsten are given and also we are asked to calculation the moles of tungsten atoms. So, it is a atom come mole conversion and also for this we use the Avogadro number.

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Number of atoms are divided by Avogadro number to get the variety of moles.

Avogadro number is

. Given variety of atoms is . Let"s divide it by Avogadro number.

Numerator and denominator has actually equal exponent so the is canceled. So, we only must divide 4.8 through 6.022 and also round the price to two sig figs as given number of atoms has actually only 2 sig figs.


= 0.80 moles

Hence, there space 0.80 moles of tungsten atoms in given number of atoms.

79.7 mol.


It is known that every 1.0 mole of link or element contains Avogadro"s number (6.022 x 10²³) of molecules or atoms.

Using overcome multiplication:

1.0 mole of tungsten consists of → 6.022 x 10²³ atoms.

??? mole of tungsten consists of → 4.8 x 10²⁵ atoms.

∴ The no. Of moles of tungsten contains (4.8 x 10²⁵ atoms) = (1.0 mol)(4.8 x 10²⁵ atoms)/(6.022 x 10²³ atoms) = 79.7 mol.

There are two inquiries here;

1. How countless moles the tungsten atoms room there in 9.6*10^25 atom of bromine?

This inquiry is invalid as it is quite impossible to obtain the number of moles of tungsten atoms in another element, bromine. The question would have been written as the number of moles of tungsten atoms in 9.6*10^25 atom of tungsten or bromine together the instance may be.

To settle for the variety of moles of an atom; we have to recur that

I mole of one atom = 6.02*10^23 atoms

6.02*10^23 atom = 1 mole

9.6*10^25 atom = (9.6 *10^25 / 6.02*10^23) moles

= 1.595 *10^2 moles

2. The reaction the 9 mole of O2 will produce moles that H2O in the burning reaction the propane.

C3H8 + 5O2 > 3CO2 + 4H2O

5 mole of O2 produce 4 moles of H2O

9 moles of O2 will produce (9 * 4/ 5) moles of H2O

= 7.2 mole of H2O

9moles that O2 will produce 7.2 moles of H2O.

Hey there!

The exactly answer is 800 mole of Tungsten.

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Here is just how you obtain there:

x moles= 4.8x10²⁵ atom W × 1/6.02x10²³ = 8.0x10²

I hope this helps now, and in the future!Brady
Number of mole = variety of atoms/Avogadro"s number= (4.8x10^25)/(6.02x10^23)=79.7 mol (3sf)
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