Which the the complying with statements about archaea is false?A) They space prokaryotes.B) They absence peptidoglycan in their cell walls.C) Some space thermoacidophiles; rather are excessive halophiles.D) lock evolved before bacteria.E) Some develop methane native carbon dioxide and also hydrogen.

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2) which of the complying with characterizes the Domain Bacteria?A) prokaryotes cells; ether linkages in phospholipidsB) eukaryotic cells; ester linkages in phospholipidsC) prokaryotes cells; ester linkages in phospholipidsD) facility cellular structuresE) Multicellular
If two organisms have comparable rRNA sequences, you have the right to conclude thatA) castle live in the exact same place.B) They progressed from a usual ancestor.C) They will have different G- C ratios.D) They will both ferment lactose.E) they mated through each other.
What is the impressive characteristic the the Kingdom Fungi?A) all members are photosynthetic.B) Members absorb dissolved organic matter.C) Members absorb liquified inorganic matter.D) every members room microscopic.E) all members are macroscopic.
Which the the complying with statements around the members of the Kingdom Plantae is false?A) They room multicellular.B) They have eukaryotic cells.C) They deserve to photosynthesize.D) They use organic carbon sources.E) They use inorganic energy sources.
Which the the complying with statements about the members the the Kingdom Animalia is false?A) They are multicellular.B) They have eukaryotic cells.C) They deserve to photosynthesize.D) They usage organic carbon sources.E) They use organic energy sources.
Agenus can ideal be identified asA) A taxon created of families.B) A taxon written of one or an ext species and also below family.C) A taxon belonging to a species.D) A taxon comprised of classes.E) The most details taxon.
A bacterial species differs indigenous a species of eukaryotic organisms in that a bacter speciesA) Does not breed with various other species.B) has a restricted geographical distribution.C) have the right to be identified from other bacterial species.D) Is a populace of cell with similar characteristics.E) Breeds through its own species.
Which the the following is the finest evidence for a three- domain system?A) There are three distinctly different varieties of ribosomes.B) There space three distinctly various cellular chemistry compositions.C) There are three distinctly various Gram reactions.D) part bacteria live in too much environments.E) There room three patent different varieties of nuclei.
Biochemical tests are offered to determineA) Staining characteristics.B) Amino acid sequences.C) nucleic acid- basic composition.D) Enzymatic activities.E) all of the above.
Which of the adhering to is NOT based upon nucleic- mountain hybridization?A) DNA chipB) FISHC) PCRD) southern blottingE) west blotting
The phylogenetic classification of bacteria is based onA) cell morphology.B) Gram reaction.C) rRNA sequences.D) Habitat.E) Diseases.
Which of the following statements is not a reason for classifying viruses in the three domain names rather 보다 in afourth domain?A) part viruses deserve to incorporate your genome into a host"s genome.B) Viruses direct anabolic pathways of organize cells.C) Viruses space obligate parasites.D) Viruses space not written of cells.E) none of the above.
Which of the adhering to provides taxonomic info that contains the others?A) Nucleic mountain hybridizationB) nucleic acid- base compositionC) Amino acid sequencingD) Biochemical testsE) Cladogram
Fossil evidence indicates that prokaryotes cells first existed top top the EarthA) 350 years ago.B) 3500 year ago.C) 3.5 million years ago.D) 3.5 billion years ago.E) 3.5 Å~ 1012 year ago.
 In figure 10.1, species "c." is most very closely related toA) aB) bC) cD) dE) e
 In number 10.1, the the next ancestor for both species "a." and varieties "b." would beA) 1B) 2C) 3D) 4E) 5
A nucleic acid hybridization experiment produced the adhering to results.

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31) In figure 10.2, which number shows the most carefully related organisms?A) aB) bC) cD) dE) e
This number shows the outcomes of a gelatin electrophoresis separation of restriction fragments of the DNA of various organisms.
34) In figure 10.3, i beg your pardon two room most carefully related?A) 1 and 3B) 2 and also 4C) 3 and also 5D) 2 and 5E) 4 and 5
Use the dichotomous vital in Table 10.2 to determine a gram- negative rod the ferments lactose and also uses citricacid as its single carbon source.A) Citrobacter B) Escherichia C) Lactobacillus D) Pseudomonas E) Staphylococcus