The story behind the quote: The quotes originates from BioShock. The video game takes ar in an underwater utopia turned battleground referred to as Rapture. You manage Jack that crashes in Rapture and, contacted through the mysterious Atlas. Atlas cases that the leader that Rapture, Andrew Ryan, has actually incarcerated his family and also he demands Jack to help rescue them.

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The quote comes from near the finish of the game. After plenty of battles, Jack will the office the Andrew Ryan. Ryan has been waiting calmly because that Jack. Ryan reveals to Jack why he has actually been therefore tenacious in following everything that Atlas called him to do…

WARNING: The clip actually reveals a major SPOILER for the game! read at your own risk.

Geek wisdom: us all have actually the habit of adhering to the crowd, no questioning everything is put in prior of us. We simply accept what we space told. Favor soldiers in a means following orders. We blindly follow what others tell us to buy, come wear and to usage without question. Choose in BioShock, the main character, us think us have complimentary will. Yet, based on our instincts of just adhering to what we are told, we supposedly don’t.

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Sometimes, we must question authority. We should break away from this pattern. We need to think for ourselves.


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