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If an pull close driver refuses to move his high beams come low, you must _______________________.

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➜ If an pull close driver refuses to move his high beams to low, friend should_____.A.) move to high beams and also blind the various other driver B.) locate the white heat marker and use that to guide you C.) flick your lights as quick as you deserve to until the other driver overcome D.) situate the yellow lane marker and use the to guide you
What is the purpose of your car"s lights?A.) Headlights assist you check out the road at nightB.) Signal lights allow you to communicate with various other road usersC.) Headlights help other drivers see youD.) all of the above
You need to use her low beam headlights:A.) when it is raining, snowing or foggy.B.) Whenever it is dark.C.) Anytime girlfriend cannot watch at the very least 1,000 feet ahead.D.) One-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.E.) all of the above.
room high-intensity-discharge (HID) headlights which are brighter and appear to it is in blue legal?A.) castle are never ever legal.B.) They are legal as long as lock are manufacturing facility installed.C.) They space legal as lengthy as they are part of one aftermarket conversion.D.) nobody of the above.
i beg your pardon of the complying with is a case where you have to use her high-beam headlights?A.) in ~ night on dark roadsB.) when there is oncoming trafficC.) once it is foggy outD.) as soon as you"re parked or standing
At night top top dark roadsEXPLANATION: use your high beam headlights at night on dark roads. Perform not use your high beam headlights when there is oncoming traffic, if you"re parked or standing, and also when the is cloudy, raining, snowing, or foggy.
FALSEEXPLANATION: The most dangerous time to drive, the trickiest, confusing and also most an overwhelming lighting exist at dusk. Throughout twilight, the sky is tho bright however at ground level, that becomes increasingly darker. The bright skies deceives the eyes and also they don"t know how to adjust. The legislation requires that you turn your headlights on 30 minute after sunset and also leave castle on till 30 minutes before sunrise, when you are driving.
exactly how does having actually headlights on during a sunny day assist you journey safer?
A.) You have the right to use the headlights to interact with pedestrians.B.) the illuminates the roadway more, helping you watch betterC.) If there is a trouble up ahead, you deserve to flash your lights to obtain people"s attentionD.) Your automobile stands the end from the background and is much more noticeable
as soon as a vehicle is approaching at night, her headlights should be turn to low beam as soon as that auto is within ____ feet of her vehicle.A.) A. 150B.) B. 250C.) C. 350D.) D. 500
as soon as approaching another vehicle from the rear at night, in ~ how numerous feet must you dim your bright headlights?➜ when approaching another vehicle indigenous the rear at night you need to dim your bright headlights within:A.) 600 feet the the other vehicleB.) 300 feet that the various other vehicleC.) 160 feet that the other vehicleD.) 200 feet that the other vehicle
If you space driving in ~ night, you should not use high-beam headlights within _________ of oncoming vehicles.A.) 450 feetB.) 350 feetC.) 500 feetD.) 200 feet
move to low beams when oncoming website traffic is in ~ ______ for your vehicle.A.) 200 feetB.) 300 feetC.) 400 feetD.) 500 feet
when you approach another vehicle from behind, dim her lights prior to you reach closer 보다 ___ feet. A.) 200B.) 300C.) 400D.) 500
all of these are instances of brand-new visibility enhancements for vehicles EXCEPT:A.) Laser-enhanced headlightsB.) Rearview mirror dimmersC.) Night-vision windshieldsD.) Daytime-running headlights
when driving in ~ night the is lot harder to check out because:A.) Glare from oncoming headlights makes it complicated to see.B.) diminished lighting makes driving an ext dangerous and also difficult.C.) It’s harder to make safe gap judgments notification pedestrians and also bicyclists and see curbs, medians, and also roadway edges and also markingsD.) every one of the above
Headlights have to be switched ~ above by legislation no later on than:A.) 6:00 p.m.B.) sunsetC.) duskD.) 30 minutes after sunset
If you are over-driving your headlights and also you see an item ahead, friend will_____.➜ If you room over-driving your headlights and you see an object ahead, you will certainly _____.A.) have the ability to stop, yet may graze the objectB.) need to execute a high-speed U-turnC.) not have the ability to stop with time to miss the objectD.) be offered the right-of-way from other vehicles
her headlights must be onA.) from sunset until sunriseB.) as soon as a train is approachingC.) whenever girlfriend leave her houseD.) when driving ~ above the freewayE.) all of the above
You need to turn on your headlights if you room using yourA.) windshield wipersB.) revolve signalsC.) emergency flashers D.) stereoE.) brake lights
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