Here, us will explain the hybridization that SO2 in detail. Student will likewise learn how to recognize the form of hybridization, and also they will discover information about SO2 molecule geometry and bond angles.

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Name the the MoleculeSulphur Dioxide
Molecular FormulaSO2
Hybridization Typesp2
Bond Angle119o
GeometryV-Shaped or Bent

What is the Hybridization of Sulphur Dioxide?

In sulphur dioxide, the hybridization that takes place is sp2 type. To identify this, us will an initial look at the sulphur atom which will be the main atom. During the formation of SO2, this main atom is bonded with two oxygen atoms and also their structure can be represented as O=S=O. As for the bonding, over there is one sigma and also one pi bond formed between sulphur and the two oxygen atoms. The atom will likewise accommodate one lone pair.


Let us break it under further. Looking in ~ the floor state of sulphur is composed of six electrons in the outermost shell and the first two shells are also totally filled. There are 4 electron in the 3p portal and two paired electrons in the 3s orbital. Now, it has actually to form four bond (with oxygen) and also thus needs 4 unpaired electrons. This leads to the breakthrough of the excited state in sulphur whereby one 3px electron jumps come the 3d orbital. As soon as this wake up there will certainly be one unpaired electron in one 3d orbital and three in 3p orbitals. However, the electrons that kind the sigma bonds and the lone pair are at various energy levels. The stable state is derived when hybridization take away place.

During hybridization, 2 3p orbitals and also one 3s orbital gain hybridized. In total, over there is a formation of 3 sp2 hybrid orbitals. In this, two hybrid orbitals save unpaired electrons and also one hybrid orbital will have the lone pair. These unpaired electron then form sigma bonds with the oxygen atoms. Meanwhile, the 3d and 3p orbitals remain the same, and they take part in the development of pi bonds.

Interestingly, the hybridization that the oxygen atom in this link is also sp2.

Important Points come Remember

In SO2 hybridization two 3p orbitals and also one 3s orbital gain hybridized.Two-hybrid orbitals save on computer unpaired electrons and also one hybrid orbit will have actually the lone pair.The 3d and also 3p orbitals continue to be the same, and they type pi bonds.

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SO2 molecular Geometry and Bond Angles

SO2 molecule geometry is taken into consideration to V-shaped or bent. Alternatively, the electron geometry of sulphur dioxide is in the shape of a trigonal planar. The 3 pairs that bonding electrons lie at an edge of 119o. Two double pairs space bonded together and also there is one lone pair too which more gives the a bend shape.