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From Concept to Costume

Meet the 2003 wardrobe team!

Helen Fraser

Helen Fraser has been sewing Gang Show costumes for ever, and I’m convinced her house has elasticated sides, judging by the number of black plastic bags full of costumes she carries home with her each Sunday!

Jean MacDonagh has been up to her eyes in fabulous, fluorescent pink cotton, not to mention the yards and yards of matching fluorescent pink netting!

Jean MacDonagh
Liz Spence Liz Spence gets up at four o’clock in the morning to start making bow ties and waistcoats!

Jenny Young makes aviator goggles out of black Lycra!

Jenny Young

Pam Gasking

Pam Gasking has made “Cupid” costumes. The boys'll love them!

Ann Crew has made individually different Bambi ears and piles and piles of black bell-boy hats!

Ann Crew

Iris Perrin

And me! I’m the designer and the titivator, with the sparkly, glittery Christmas bargains. Putting finishing touches to sleeves, shoes, shoulders and tiller-girl headdresses - not to mention those gold sprayed drink holders!


Christine Eden has made stripy trousers from duvet covers and pillowslips!

Isla Henderson has made lots of white gypsy tops!

Andy Thursby (really a man, but often passes as a woman on stage!) is making headdresses which look like trains.

Liz Binnie has been helping Helen (she of the expanding house) stitch the frocks and the frills!


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