Now before you head straight to the invernessgangshow.netments and write “I don’t do that”, there’s no right or wrong about whether you take photos of your pink bits and send them to your lover or post them on Adult Match Maker. But we told the guys how to take a decent penis pic in an earlier article so in the interests of equality it’s time to find out how to make your girlie bits look amazing if you choose to take a photo of them.

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Be honest, do you post 100% of your selfies to social media or do you take a few, pick the best, crop, adjust the lighting and contrast, add a filter and then take just one more photo in case it’s better. It’s the same when you’re taking a photo “down there”. Don’t take one shot and give up because it’s not looking like you thought it would. Based on invernessgangshow.netments on Eva’s article A Labia Tale, men don’t care what your pussy looks like, only that you are a sexy woman who owns one and might be willing to share it. So take 50 photos and delete the 49 you’re not happy with. There’s no magic formula.

And before we get started check out our previous blog post Read this before you send that Naked Selfiewhich is essential reading before you pick up that phone or camera.

Vag photos are a bit different to photos of your boobs or butt. It’s relatively easy to make those photos look “sexy” possibly because of the way we’re socialised about our pussies. Many of us grew up being told that it’s ok to show a bit of boob but only a slut would take a photo of her pussy. I’m grateful that most of us have actually progressed past this school of thought. If you’re invernessgangshow.netfortable taking a photo and sharing it with one person or a whole lot of people on Adult Match Maker – yay!

So let’s get started, here are our 10 tips for taking the perfect pussy selfie.

Take a peek: grab a mirror, undress, lie back and explore. Caress and tuck bits in and out, open and close, even get out a sex toy and play with yourself and watch any physical or colour changes as you beinvernessgangshow.nete aroused and get a sense of what you’re going to be taking a photo of.Angles baby: Flexibility isn’t essential but it’s going to help because unless you’re double jointed some dexterity is required (or a selfie stick) to get the right angles. Take some pics lying down, sitting or even standing with one leg raised on a chair or bed and work out which angles are most flattering, and achievable.Lighting is everything: we covered this in a previous article but to recap, natural morning light is the most flattering - not direct sunlight - just natural even light and don’t use a flash. Position yourself facing the light source and if you have white sheets and white walls you will positively glow. Avoid the bathroom, avoid florescent light, avoid shadows.Ditch the underwear: it’s either a pussy shot or it’s not. We know that less is sometimes more but we’re not talking about taking a photo of your lingerie, it’s a photo of your pussy. Having said that a gstring or a pair of lacy pants pushed to the side can be very sexy. But how many pairs of hands do you actually have?Incorporate sex toys: Don’t be shy about incorporating a vibrator or dildo into your photo. Just the thought of that dildo disappearing into your wet pussy will drive the recipient of you pic wild. It’s a nice added extra provided you have enough hands and flexibility to pull it off. Lube it up: there’s nothing sexier than a wet vagina so grab some lube or even spritz with some water– if you need to that is – the thought of taking the photos is sometimes enough to turn a girl on. Ohmy!Remove identifying details: it’s simple, don’t show your face or identifying birthmarks, tattoos or piercings.To filter or not to filter: we love a good filter but perhaps with pussy pics show some restraint. You don’t want the pic to look like you have some weird medical issue going on so make sure the filter is flattering. Some of the sexiest pussy photos we’ve seen have been black & white so experiment until you find something you love.

Now if you don’t want to take a pussy photo but still want to take nude photos you can read our How to Take a Sexy Nude Selfie guide.

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So strike a pose and get snapping.



No white goo and pimples. No stubble or regrowth. And if you have ingrown hairs maybe give it a few weeks before taking the picture. I know a lot of women seem to think they are a collective and all have the same standards you have for yourself. But that ain't the case. You re all unique individual humans. How or why I don't know exactly, but I'm lucky enough to be sent lots of pussy pics via amm and other dating sites or clubs or from girls and women I meet. And the amount of "no way jose" pics I get is surprising. Considering women generally spend more time in grooming and getting photos of themselves just right t haan the average guy. I know there's a million and one thirsty guys out there that will take anything, but is that the guy you want to snag?It's so disappointing when you've started the hot talk and she sends you and shot of her pussy to show how wet you're making her and it looks more like thrush ooze or there's little bits of toilet paper or the light makes the skin look blotchy or it's the day before her waxing appointment. I'm not picky. Well not overly. Flash me and you have my attention. Flash me a thought out and clean pussy shot and you'll have me begging.