Million dollar Belt: The real Price because that WWE's many Expensive Championship ever "The Million disagreement Man" Ted DiBiase developed the title in 1988 and this past week, L.A. Knight became its an initial holder in end ten years.

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Million disagreement Champion L.A. Knight
It"s among the most coveted title in wrestling history. Any type of WWE fanatic knows the above diamond crested that only goes come the toughest of wrestling pros and has one of the many exclusive lineages in the sport.

It first came into WWE lore in 1988 through the legend Hall of Famer, Ted DiBiase. Once he was stripped that the people Championship that he attempted come buy from Andre The Giant, he developed the Million dissension Championship. Because that decades, he finest of the best ducked it the end for the chance to obtain the top Million dollar Belt. Native The Ringmaster in the mid-90s to LA items today, those that reigned victories are cemented as majesties of the WWE.

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The history of the Belt

Ted DiBiase, better known as the "Million dissension Man", was the an initial to permit fans know of his tremendous wealth. His flashy, aristocratic air uncomfortable audiences in such a egregious way, he became on of the many disliked heels in WWE history.

"The first time i walked out into an arena, the human being were booing me out of the building," DiBiase speak in one interview for WWE"s website.

History to be made during the main Event throughout 1988. ~ Andre the Giant defeated Hulk Hogan in the WWE Championship, DiBiase tried come buy the championship title off of that - showing that there"s really nothing that can"t buy. DiBiase failed come actually success the belt as soon as he shed to Randy Savage.

Though, this didn"t occupational out in DiBiase favor. The top of the WWE voided the transaction and also declared the title invalid. A different tournament was set forth to crown a new champion. But DiBiase had actually even an ext tricks increase his sleeve.

"You simply come out and also say, ‘Y’know what? ns don’t require your stinkin’ title. Ns going to create my own," the Million Dollar guy says, "A location that’s beautiful, worth more money 보다 the WWE Title and declare myself the champion."

He developed the Million dissension Championship together a no WWE ratify title. Viewers got to see DiBiase multiple trips come the jeweler to create the new, stunning belt. Fans saw the full process from start to finish as DiBiase frequented Betteridge Jewelers in Greenwich Village.

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The real Cost

First off, contradictory to renowned belief, the belt is bedazzled with cubic zirconia stones. Not diamonds. So, is the belt worth a million bucks?

The answer is no. According to Insider Pulse, the belt to be worth $40,000 when it was very first created ago in the 80"s. That"s around $960,000 off.