When ns speak Spanish with some of my friends and other spanish speaking people that i know, i realized that there room so many ways come say probably in Spanish.

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Quizás (Quizá)

Talvez (Tal vez)

Puede ser que

De pronto

A lo mejor

If you know of any more ways come say that feel cost-free to add. I just think the it"s funny how countless ways over there are.

I to be going to it is in researching this an extremely question during the weekend! girlfriend must have actually read mine mind?? - territurtle, JUL 19, 2022

All this words/phrases can mean perhaps:

1 Quizá o Quizás

2 Tal vez

3 Puede ser

4 A lo mejor (update; Jeremiah educates me/us the it"s usage is not limited to Spain together I had actually previously assumed )

These words can mean something similar but not the same

1 Posiblemente = perhaps o es posible que = It"s feasible that....

I hope this helps

Doesn"t "de pronto" typical "suddenly"?

That"s what ns thought, but after ns heard it a pair of times, i asked a few native spanish speakers and they all said it expected maybe. Possibly it way different things in different places, all three world who i asked to be columbian.

From the RAE dictionary:

de pronto.

loc. Adv. Apresuradamente, sin reflexión.

loc. Adv. De repente (? súbitamente, sin preparación).

3. Loc. Adv. Col. Posiblemente. (Col. = Colombia)

You find out something brand-new everyday!


here are some more that are close come "maybe"

Probablemente, posiblemente

Probably, possibly

Wow, Julian. That's a brand-new one because that me. Can you offer me an example sentence? - MLucie, JUL 19, 2022

A note about a lo mejor:

1, It"s use is not limited to Spain (see comment elsewhere). The is certainly in vast use in Mexico and, ns think, pretty much wherever Spanish is spoken.

2, It virtually always (maybe always, yet I am no sure), takes the indicative. In various other words, the expresses "maybe" in a rather postive light. No subjunctive here.

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Glad to have helped! :) I'm certain there space others too, it's a an excellent question. - Vikingo, JUL 20, 2022
That's what i thought, however after i heard that a pair of times, ns asked a couple of native spanish speakers and also they all stated it meant maybe. - eltennis97, JUL 19, 2022
Maybe it method different things in various places, all three people who ns asked were columbian. - eltennis97, JUL 19, 2022
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