My husband has a girlfriend who offers the expression “no mames.” he (the friend) wasn’t very clear ~ above the an interpretation or as soon as one would use the expression. Same with the expression “no manchas”. An additional expression the men use is “te banas” , which seem to be slang for view ya later, yet I’m not sure how polite a point it is come say. Have the right to someone help my husband (and me) out? thank you really much for any help!

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travisdyer over there is a great reason why that won’t tell friend the difference.

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These terms must never be provided by or in the visibility of a lady. “No Mames” is a really rude and also disgusting expression to usage in front of a woman, or strangers. “No Manches” Is a lot more decent, but it tho is not ideal Spanish. “No Manches” liberally means, “don’t screw (joke or play) around” or “quit screwing around.”

“Te banas” literally method bathe yourself. This is used in between men, as a joke, come say don’t forget come bathe after having actually sex. It is sometimes used as a method of saying “goodbye”, yet again, not to be provided in blended company.

Sorry for the descriptive explanation, however maybe this will melted some light on these phrases.

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Oscar2 “No Mames” I believe is a slang means of saying, nothing Beg or protect against Begging.

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sioux4noff Those descriptions are around what Harold obtained from his girlfriend Alex. Alex is a fireman, and Harold is a volunteer fireman. Alex knows fairly a bit of English and also knows the equivilent “vulgarities” for plenty of things. Part he has actually a tough time explaining. Think me, it’s no a matter of gift polite! The points I pointed out are amongst the nicer points the guys call each other and say to each other. And also since they regularly forget I’m about and/or forget ns am one “older lady” they perform use those things when I’m nearby. They’re mainly a bunch the 18 – 25 year old guys so ns don’t take it offense, they room boys being boys.

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travisdyer I have actually never heard that before, Oscar.

Wouldn’t “don’t beg” be more like “no ruegas?” The verb “rogar” means “to beg for.”

All I know is that my Mexican mam gets an extremely upset when she hears it. I really don’t think it’s that innocent.

BTW, no, ns don’t have one more wife. My mexico wife, Imelda, is the only one.

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Oscar2 Slang as you know has actually a means of expression, which can go several ways. Because Mames, I think is slang for “suck,” exactly me if incorrect, ns thought when a guy tells an additional playing around or otherwise, “No Mames pinchi,” he’s choose saying avoid sucking up, indistinguishable of avoid begging. I’ve been out of the loop because that awhile, however vaguely, i don’t know why, yet it appears to surface ar this way. Possibly someone else will certainly chime in.

Not important, simply a guess, i guess…

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esperanza ns think that, with slang this base, it’s ideal to take it to afternoon for further discussion. The expression is no something you usage in mixed company, and this forum is certainly mixed company.

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Oscar2 Esperanza, her vigilance is recognized, and since the was simply a matter of clarity gift pursued, not an interpretation to offend anyone, I’d rather just forget the entirety thing and also move-on. Stop frankly I just don’t see it together that important.

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shoe Esperanza and Oscar2;

I believe that the topic of this forum is learning Spanish. I carry out not believe that lot should it is in avoided specifically if a expression is mentioned and also not completely explained. Vulgar or not, a expression might be discussed that is poor for some company but how does someone understand if the is not explained totally on the forum?

PM is certainly not the way to shot and teach a group of world that are learning Spanish.

We are supposed to it is in adults and should be able to discuss almost anything.

I still have actually am not sure what the topic phrases mean and also if or once I would/should usage them or it is in offended through them.

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We are claimed to be adults and should be able to discuss virtually anything.

I concur. However, when you have actually to get ensnarled in a moralistic, holier 보다 thou bandwagon, it it s okay a little bit much and also fringes ~ above a kind of hypocrisy i beg your pardon polarizes, becomes negative and one simply wants to street themselves native it.

Your suggest is fine made and yes, curiosity does play into this and we should take care of it like understanding adults who have been approximately the block a time or two.

Mexican colloquialisms/slang if girlfriend will can be and also many a times is bent on general situational circumstances and also interpretation. For example, i couldn’t uncover the indigenous “mame” in my mexican dictionary. This morning i asked my mexico gardener what room some means the phrase No Mame is used and also he claimed it’s situational. Because that example, one guy can say to another friend kiddingly, “No Mame’s pinché.”

The indigenous pinche, follow to the dictionary simply means, “I puncture.” The gardener claimed it means, “don’t kiss ass friend jerk.” Now since Mame is claimed to be part derivative that suck, i guess that can likewise mean, “Stop sucking increase you jerk.” Alternatively, can likewise mean, “Stop begging or don’t beg.” Sycophant and/or obsequious likewise seems like a close match.

Clarification must be simple, straightforward and also un-embarrassing, if handle with, as you mentioned, prefer mature adults and we’ve every been on this world long enough to not find this surprising. Now, what my ears have actually heard from others in the food of time may be various for others however then again, no it, such is life…

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esperanza Geez louise, friend guys. OK, here goes:

Mamar literally method ‘to suck’. However, a literal definition and colloquial intake are 2 entirely different things.

Consider the una mamada is a blow job–to sucking off. ‘No mames’ really has actually no literal meaning translation. It certainly does not median ‘to suck it up’. You could translate it to mean, ‘stop suck me off’. Part namby-pamby dictionaries would say, ‘stop jerking me around’.

OSCAR: girlfriend wrote, “No mame’s pinché.” It need to read, “No mames, pinche.” No apostrophe on mames, no accent mark on pinche.

This is certainly NOT miscellaneous you would certainly say to anyone in polite society. If I ever hear any type of of you say it, I will certainly smack your knuckles v a ruler.

Everybody satisfied?

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Oscar2 Why thank you Esperanza, the was illuminating and likewise a bit refreshing. Not just that, its mine ol’Espe, kicking back into action and shoot from the i know well ……. Laugh

One last question: due to the fact that the thesaurus with a hyphen ~ above pinche (which i forgot just how to put the hyphen on without going earlier to night school) way “I puncture” does the rough and tumble, john Wayne, Pancho Villa, Zapatas lexicon of psychic words, also mean “jerk?” or over there abouts?

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sioux4noff OK, Aunt Esperanze, we will certainly watch our mouths. Don’t desire you coming after us through a bar that soap. Many thanks for the concise explanation. And rest assured I carry out not usage those expressions.

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esperanza At any type of rate, below in Mexico, pinche only means one thing. It’s pretty lot the tantamount of “god damn”. Mi pinche suegra (my gd mother-in-law), la pinche CFE (the gd electric company).

Pinche is one more word that you don’t say in polite society.

NOTE: I have actually been reminded the pinche also means lowest-rung-on-the-ladder kitchen assistant.

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Rolly mine friends phone call me pinche is about equivent come the non-sexual use of f**king. Together is “Dónde estan mis pinche llavas.” or Pinche tránsito. Etc. That ain’t polite.

Rolly Pirate

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esperanza that too.

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Quote “Dónde estan mis pinche llavas.” or Pinche tránsito.

Yes, i have heard those expressions before and pinche can additionally be construed in the mamby-pamby dictionary as “damn.” least we forget, not politically correct amongst polite company …….. Sufficient I’m drowning! Laugh

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robrt8 No mames is being offered much more the the younger generation, specifically in the D.F. It’s not uncommon to hear it in between male and also female teens. I say that in a joking means to guys who I’m really familiar with. One can additionally say no manches to play top top mames. It can mean any kind of of the following and more: You’ve got to it is in kidding. Protect against pulling my leg. Protect against messing through me. No Way!

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tashby ¡Hijole!

Drunken, Sailor! speak to us favor a drunken Sailor!

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shoe say thanks to you all for the better explanations. Currently I might have the ability to understand when someone is insulting me and also I deserve to watch what ns say.

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“Mixed company” intake of words and also actions like these is not vital although ns am in ~ fault, native time come time, as lot as the following person. As soon as I had actually a male that operated for me complain about another guy who harassed a waitress when they were on a trip and also he to be embarrassed and upset about it. Both guys functioned for me in a major company, for this reason I had actually the waitress interviewed by a neighborhood manager in the city 2500 miles away. She mental the incident and was not also happy about it as the guy had touched her inappropriately and used inappropriate language. I called the man who had actually done the in and asked that his version. He simply laughed the off and said it was nothing. I explained there had been a complaint, it to be something and I lowered his level and also pay so he might remember the not only are women to be respected but males too. This little incident only cost him $12,000 a year. It take it him a 3 years to get back his level. The paid for the remainder of his functioning life at that firm as he could never recoup the money shed as raises were based upon a percent of base pay.