One that the ideal things about being in Korea is the food. Whether you are at a barbecue restaurant or trying out part snacks native a stall ~ above the street, you space sure to want to know exactly how to speak ‘it’s delicious’ in Korean.

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If you desire to speak ‘delicious’ to explain something together in “delicious apple” climate you should use the word 맛있는 (masinneun). This is the adjective form!


맛있는 바나나 (masinneun banana) – delicious banana

맛있는 점심 (masinneun jeomsim) – delicious lunch

저는 맛있는 피자를 주문 할거예요 (jeoneun masinneun pijareul jumun halgeoyeyo)

I will order a delicious pizza.

A native of Caution about Romanization

We’ve included in the Romanization for all of these native to help with pronunciation. However, us recommend that you shot to relocate onto reading comfortably in Hangul (the oriental alphabet), together this will boost your pronunciation and your analysis skills. It will certainly also help you an alert patterns in words, which will certainly lead friend to improve the price at which girlfriend learn new Korean words and also grammar points.

You can download a complimentary guide to learn the korean alphabet in around an hour here.

Learning vocabulary native is a an excellent way to help you discover the basics the a language, yet your language learning will only really take turn off one you start attempting to have conversations in Korean. Take it a look at our cost-free list of oriental phrases or our complete Korean course for every the help you will need when examining Korean.

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Well, that does it because that this lesson! currently that you know how to to speak ‘it’s delicious’ in Korean, be sure to tell your local restaurant how great their food is!

Leave a comment listed below with the most delicious oriental food you understand (and try and carry out it in korean if friend can).