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ns bought a 1994 GMC 1500 with no keys. I took the VIN number to the regional dealership and had a set made. The door an essential worked, but the ignition would not. The vital code was verified and I to be told the the switch had probably to be changed. Ns purchased a new switch and plan to replace. I would choose to recognize the do"s and not do"s in replacing an ignition switch. Thank"s
youll need to remove the horn button, climate the steering wheel through a puller. ~ that, the rotate signal parts and the ignition cylinder is best under that.
you will require a feather compressor as well, to organize down the spring underneith. Looks favor a steel plate. Then there is 3 torx screws ns believe and either a detent the holds cylinder or a bolt. I do not know remember. Havent done one in a while.
First things first, if your truck has an airbag, disable it. (I don"t psychic what year they verified up in the pickup). If you have the radio protection attribute (Delco Loc II), disable it. Disconnect Battery cables.Remove the steering wheel:Pry turn off the horn cap. Note the shaft and the steering wheel hub so that you can gain it back on the exact same (a line accross them v a sharpie functions well). Remove the nut. Use a puller to remove the steering wheel. THey room not high value or tough to borrow, but do not even think of doing this there is no one. Instead of the bearings in the pillar is not fun.Remove the locking collar/plate:There is a special device for this together well. That is additionally cheap. You can do it without it, however it is lot harder. The device compresses the plate ~ it has been threaded ~ above the shaft. As soon as compressed, you deserve to pop the retaining ring off the shaft and also slide the onto the tool (or turn off of the shaft). Eliminate the plate.Remove release cam:It slides off.Remove the revolve signal assembly.:You ned to traction the turn signal stalk (you will see a screw the holds it). And also you should remove the peril switch. Remove the screws holding the revolve signal assembly and gently lift that up. If you must get an ext leeway through the wiring, you will need to loosen the steering column. Girlfriend shoudl have the ability to slide it sufficient out of the way, however if girlfriend can"t, you should disconnect the substantial connector in ~ the basic of the column and slide the wiring increase the column. Execute NOT omcpletely remove this harness, you simply want the turn signal assembly out of your way.Ignition assembly:There is a tiny spring arm for the buzzer. You need to gain that out, there space retainers (you will certainly see). Girlfriend will see a Torx screw retaining the lock cylinder. Remove that, and also you should have the ability to remove the cylinder. I have actually never done it wihtout a functioning key, so the may include complication as I believe you have to put it into on to eliminate it.Go backwards to placed it all earlier on. The steering nut requirements to it is in 30lbs.

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