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What does that mean?

This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a share powertrain code, which way that it uses to OBD-II equipped vehicles. Back generic, the particular repair steps may vary depending on make/model.

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P0706 is a generic powertrain DTC in the infection controls sub device group. This is a "C" kind DTC. “C” form DTC’S room non-emission related so the powertrain manage module (PCM) go not rotate on the examine engine light or save freeze structure data.

The transmission selection sensor might be referred to as the park/neutral move (PN), or the neutral safety and security switch. Its function is to notify the PCM the the place of the equipment shifter and to permit the engine come start just in the park and neutral positions. The PCM sends out a voltage referral to the sensor and the sensor sends out a different voltage earlier the PCM depending on which gear the shifter is in. If the return voltage is no what that is claimed to be this code will set.

Example the an exterior Transmission variety Sensor (TRS):

TRS photo from Dorman

Symptoms & Severity the Code

Because the neutral safety switch is part of the transmission selection sensor the automobile may begin in any type of gear position and/or the PCM will pressure the transmission in come "limp" mode. In this mode there is an noticeable lack the power, specifically from a finish stop.

There is a significant safety issue when this password is current due to the opportunity of the vehicle starting in equipment causing it come start moving upon begin up. This trouble should be corrected immediately.


Potential reasons for this code to collection are:

Faulty transmission variety sensor Misadjusted transmission range sensorOpen or shorted transmission range sensor harnessFaulty PCM

Diagnostic and Repair Procedures

There room two feasible conditions the will cause this password to set:

Condition #1-The PCM detects journey or reverse at vehicle start-up

Condition #2-The PCM detects park or neutral and also the following conditions exist for 10 secs or more: >Throttle place is 5% or more: >engine talk is better than 50ft.lbs. >Vehicle speed is better than 20 MPH

In my experience this code is most typical on four wheel journey trucks that have been out "4-wheelin" and have had damage inflicted to the selection sensor and/or harness. It would be very rare to have actually a faulty PCM it is in the cause of this code. Diagnosis the this password is pretty straight forward. Set THE PARKING BRAKE.

start with a thorough intuitive inspection of the variety sensor and also wiring harness. Repair any type of damage found. Does the automobile start in reverse/drive? If that does start, unplug the selection sensor and shot and begin it in reverse/drive again. If it still starts, doubt a quick in the harness. If the does not start, doubt a faulty or misadjusted variety sensor.

Related Transmission variety Sensor codes: P0705, P0706, P0707, P0708, and also P0709.

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