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I to be trying to change my worn former brake rotors.The Van:94 Ford E350DRW4 wheel ABS8 LugsI have been in search of a rotor through hub developed in..but seems like no luck.Now I should remove the hub from replace simply the rotor part.Anybody know exactly how to take the end the ABS ring? (plz refer to the pics)Do I need some distinct tool?thanks in advance

Leave the on there. It"s no big deal. If her replacing the rotor it will have a brand-new ABS ring ~ above ns took a look. The ring is pressed on. Maybe just warm it up and also it will certainly wiggle free. Usage a pair of pry bars and work your way around it.
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Leave it on there. It"s no huge deal. If your replacing the rotor it will have a brand-new ABS ring top top i took a look. The ring is pressed on. Possibly just heat it up and also it will certainly wiggle free. Usage a couple of pry bars and work your method around it.
Thanks for the reply. Yea.. I was hoping I can find a rotor with a hub/ring, however no together a thing available (even Motorcraft)I assumption: v 4ABS DRW is at sight rare...

if friend still have no luck, check with hart"s auto supply in ohama, ne area. He will certainly ship anywhere. and also send that an email.

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Ok, I recognize this is a supervisor old thread but I just ran into the very same thing while replacing the former rotors of my 1994 E350 based class C RV. It has actually DRW and 4-wheel ABS. As soon as I witnessed that ring i was prefer crap, just how do ns take this off and also get to the bolts! fortunately there is a shop right roughly the edge from me and they heated that up and also used a on slide hammer with a hook ~ above the end. They worked their means around the ring progressively lifting it out!! functioned like a champ and they did no charge me
Hope this help someone else.Semper Fi
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