When chasing the flush, the load of her shotgun can make or break your hunt

by the invernessgangshow.net Staff

Chasing wild birds v the uplands is no for the pass out of heart. It requires putting a ton of miles on the boots, trudging v thick grass, dense forest, and also up steep, treacherous mountainsides. The proper equipment is critical to keep you in the ar longer, including the many important aspect of upland hunting: your shotgun.

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Before friend hit the ar with her trap gun, there’s crucial aspect come consider: exactly how much does your gun weigh? ~ above the mountain, every ounce counts.

How lot Should mine Gun Weigh?


Hunting wild birds regularly requires girlfriend to organize your shotgun in one hand while you usage your various other to push through high brush. That method your leading arm it s okay a workout, and after numerous miles, the weight of her shotgun unexpectedly feels heavier 보다 it is.

That’s why it’s crucial to walk light. Leave your eight-pound trap over/under in the total safe! Instead, opt for something much much more forgiving in weight. Many thanks to contemporary technology, manufacturers can lessen the load of shotguns by do receivers the end of aluminum fairly than steel. This in no means alters just how your shotgun performs, as the aluminum is only offered in parts of the shotgun that carry out not experience a many stress.

Generally, a 20-gauge shotgun will weigh around a pound less than a 12-gauge shotgun. Ns say generally because in today’s market, there room plenty the lightweight 12-gauge alternatives for those wanting come shoot extra shoot at cross roosters.

As a guideline, typical weights for a 20-gauge upland shotgun will range between 5.75 and also 6.5 pounds. Because that a 12-gauge upland shotgun, ideally, you’ll desire to stay between 6.5 to 7.25 pounds.

If you’re feeling really daring and you’ve fight the variety to practice, uplanders can reduced even more weight by opting because that a 28-gauge, .410, or also 16-gauge, which are at this time making a resurgence in the hunting world.

Practice, Practice, Practice


Lightweight shotguns are an ext enjoyable to bring afield contrasted to your skeet and also trap brethren. The weight is easier to regulate over mile of unstable terrain and on the flush, a shoulder mount is quick and also fluid.

Although 12-gauge shotguns are the most renowned in the sporting world for plenty of reasons, the 20-gauge come in a close 2nd because of the low felt-recoil. This renders them best for young shooters; however, as soon as you’re opting because that lightweight options of your favorite gauge, felt recoil goes out the window.

Without an extra lb to absorb the absent of bird loads, recoil can be harsh. Additionally, a lightweight shotgun mounts in different way than a shotgun weighing eight pounds. The takes time come train you yourself to appropriately shoulder mountain a sub-six-pound gun.

Plan ~ above hitting the range, and also often, before hitting the field. Train utilizing light trap shells to save your shoulder. Force yourself to begin slow and also condition your arms to remember a ideal shoulder mount because that your specific shotgun. Exercise crossing shots often due to the fact that swinging a shotgun weighing much less than a hefty trap gun bring away time come master.

Ideal Lightweight Options

So, what options are the end there for those searching for lightweight shotguns? think about these:


Franchi Instinct SL. Obtainable in 12-, 20-, and also 16-gauge options, the Franchi Instinct SL arrays from just 5.8 to 6.3 pounds.


Browning 725 Citori Feather. This model comes in both 12- and also 20-gauge and ranges from simply over 5 pounds come 6.9 pounds.

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Benelli Ultra Light. Obtainable in 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge, this semi-auto weighs in between 5 and 6.1 pounds.