You must recharge the air air conditioning (AC) system in your Chevy truck when the system has been repaired or it has actually lost refrigerant because of component failure. The tools and also equipment girlfriend will require for this job include a collection of AC gauges and also a vacuum pump to remove moisture native the system. These devices are accessible at most huge auto-parts stores. The median do-it-yourself mechanic can finish this job in around two hours and also restore the AC mechanism to factory performance.

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Attach the hoses from the gauge collection to the service ports ~ above the Chevy truck. The business ports are located on top of the compressor on van made ~ 2001. Trucks made before 2001 have actually the harbor on the accumulator and also high push hose. The ports are different sizes, so friend can"t download them incorrectly. However, at an early stage models that usage R-12 refrigerant require an adapter come fit the water tap to the high-pressure business port.

Attach the vacuum pump to the facility hose of the AC gauge set. Plug the pump"s strength cable right into a 110-volt outlet and also turn that on. Open both valves top top the front of the gauge set. Allow the pump to operation for one hour to eliminate all the humidity in the system.

Close the valves ~ above the gauge set and turn off the pump. The vacuum analysis on the gauge collection should host steady for 15 minutes. If the gauge collection shows that the vacuum has actually leaked off throughout this time, there is a leak in the system.

Disconnect the vacuum pump native the gauge hose and also install a can tap ~ above the hose. Slip a deserve to of refrigerant into the tap and also open the by screwing in the thumbscrew. Unscrew the thumbscrew and also open the blue valve top top the gauge set. Allow half of the can of refrigerant to flow into the system.

Start the engine and also turn on the AC. Once the deserve to is empty, nearby the gauge valve and remove the can. Attach an additional can to the tap and open the blue gauge valve. Repeat until you have installed 2.0 lbs that refrigerant in the system.

Close the gauge valve and disconnect the gauge collection from the truck. Test journey the Chevy to verify the the mechanism works properly.

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