ns am to buy a hermit crab native the PetCo store, yet I perform not wish to acquisition an under-tank heater. Is over there an alternative to keep the tank warm?

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An overhead reflector light or ceramic heat emitter deserve to serve together an inexpensive resource of warmth over a tank. Part may even say a preferable resource of heat since it much more accurately mimics the warming effects of the sun. Not only that, but with an overhead spot resource of radiant heat, you deserve to place it on one side of the cage therefore the crab will have the ability to freely move closer or farther way to regulate just how much warmth they require throughout the day.

Use a thermometer to determine that the range of temperatures within the cage is what the crab needs. And if you room using a conventional light bulb, be sure you rotate it turn off at night (while assuring that the temperatures do not drop as well low).


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