The Ford traveler was very first produced in 1991, and it is still in manufacturing today. The timing is a big source of difficulties due to the fact that there is nothing about it that can be adjusted by the owner. The Powertrain control Module sets and keeps the ignition timing. If over there is a timing issue, it should be adjusted by trained professionals. But the timing have the right to be confirm by the owner.

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Park the auto on a smooth, dry and level surface ar with adequate lighting within the engine compartment. Engage the parking brake. Block at the very least two wheels v front and ago blocks. Advanced the hood of the engine compartment.


Look at the prior of the engine encountering from the grill. Situate the timing situation cover straight in the center of the engine"s face. The should appear as an off-center elliptical smooth metal piece. The timing marker is on the top left next of the cover. The is an arrow-shaped piece of metal. The crankshaft pulley has two clues on it. These should be aligned v the time marker as soon as checking the ignition timing.


check the time chain or the timing chain tensioner requires removing several other pieces, yet when that is gotten rid of there room timing clues on the crankshaft sprocket and the camshaft sprocket that should be aligned for proper operation. Encountering the former of the engine, the camshaft sprocket timing mark should be on the bottom that the sprocket and also the optimal of the crankshaft sprocket.


Remove any kind of debris and also dirt clearly shows in the engine compartment. Nearby the hood, steady latching that shut. Unblock the wheels. Disengage the parking brake. Start the engine and listen for any brand-new sounds or difficulty indicators.

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