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This page includes information about learning the Jecht Shot,one that the finest moves in Blitzball in last Fantasy X (FFX FF10). Read on come know much more about obtaining the Jecht Shot and also tips on how to finish its mini video game with ease.

How to obtain Jecht Shot

Learn the Jecht shot in SS Winno

The Jecht shot mini-game is first encountered top top your pilgrimage to Luca. The mini-game have the right to be retaken by going ago to Luca or Kilika and also taking the ship to the various other respective city.

How to finish the Jecht shoot Game

Time the D-pad v the Text!

Press the direction and also tap x at the very same area the text shows up in the game. This will get rid of Jecht"s provokes i beg your pardon is protecting against Tidus from discovering the move. When all the texts space eliminated before Tidus attempts the final shot, the Jecht shooting is learned.

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